A shiny, new book arrived on my doorstep yesterday:


24 hours,

an airport

and love.


I am really looking forward to this book.  Ready to settle under the covers and crack that cover.

But first I will have to walk past the stacks of books lined up along the stairs and definitely avert my eyes away from the Kindle on my nightstand which currently is home to some lovely e-books.

At least I assume they are all lovely.  I haven’t actually gotten around to reading them. Yet.

I have no explanation really.  Perhaps they are less shiny?

Dear middle child of books:  it’s not you, it’s me.


It’s just . . .

Okay, maybe I’m hastily judging the book by its cover, or some review I read in passing or perhaps I can blame it all on high school  . . .

That’s my excuse for this one.


But sometimes books just get bumped to the next place in line.

And I feel bad, really I do.

So as to give all my books their equal due, I am taking on the Dusty Bookshelf Challenge, created by Jessica at Books: A True Story.

The unread story is not a story; it is little black marks on wood pulp. The reader, reading it, makes it live: a live thing, a story. —Ursula K. Le Guin


Unless there is an island for forgotten, misfit books?

I guess I better start reading before my unread lovelies start planning some “Chuckie” style revolt against me.


What books are waiting for you?

30 thoughts on “The Dusty Bookshelf Challenge

  1. April Plummer

    Oh, man, I have sooooo many TBR books! Seriously! It’s ridicluous! Both paperback and Kindle. *sigh* I’m reading two books right now. I wish I could just sit and read forever and ever…with my little girl by my side and my husband on the other…oh, and write. 🙂

  2. Louise Behiel

    I’ve been pretty good since I bought my kindle. Buy and read. buy and read. but I fell off the wagon at christmas and now I have dozens of books to read. good news? they weren’t expensive (as opposed to the stacks of full price paperbacks I had sitting around), but no more buying or downloading until I read what is on my kindle.

  3. emily

    I started ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ a few weeks ago. It had such great reviews I just had to read it. 25 pages in and I was NOT hooked. I went on to another book, but finally just made myself go back to it a few days ago. Once I got into it, it was an easy read and I finished it in one day. (I even cried at the end!) I can’t have a stack of half read books staring at me. It makes me anxious! 🙁

  4. Susanna Hill

    I am such a collector of the new and shiny! I’m always seeing books and thinking, ooh! I MUST read that! As a result, I have a shockingly long TBR list and not nearly enough hours in the day to read them all…. I just keep plugging along 🙂 Currently reading Possession by Elana Johnson and probably aiming for Stephen King’s new book next… but you never know 🙂

    1. Catherine Johnson

      Oh Susanna do let me know what you think of Possession. My TBR pile is going down fast but there are new ones added every day. I need toget hubby to upload a couple of e-books on his playbook for me too.

      1. Susanna Hill

        Catherine, I’m over half way through and I have very mixed feelings! The book has gotten a lot of hype, and it was published by Simon Pulse, which suggest to me it should be great. And certain aspects of it are. But so far I have found it a bit disjointed/disconnected and hard to follow, jumping from one thing to another, sometimes with no real transition. I might just not be smart enough to follow it, but I confess it’s not quite what I expected. That said, it’s original, interesting, keeps moving, and has a good romance – so those things I like 🙂 I saw one review where the reviewer said s/he had to read the end three times to figure out what had happened, but I haven’t gotten there yet 🙂

  5. Tim L O'Brien

    I sure am relieved that I am not the only one with the collection of books to be read hobby. I currently have 18 books in my TBR pile. I am always re-stacking them in the order I intend to read them. That is until one of my favorite authors comes out with a new book and the TBR pile get reshuffled once again.

  6. Julie Hedlund

    I have shelves and shelves of dusty books waiting for me. It’s like my own drug addiction – LOL! I try to read them, I really do, but when you’re on these blogs raving about new releases all the time, it’s hard to stay faithful to the existing collection… 🙂

  7. Emma Burcart

    There are so many books I am waiting to read. I have shelves & stacks full. I recently signed up for Good Reads & I’m hoping that will help me get to all those books.

  8. Jennifer Jensen

    I’ve got stacks of TBR books, but that’s because I buy them at library sales and garage sales and Goodwill and . . . I couldn’t afford to read everything I want if I had to buy New & Shiny! The ones that worry me are the ones checked out from the library that I keep renewing. I don’t arrange my stack in order-to-be-read, I go browse for something I’m in the mood for. I’ve got “Paper Towns” by John Green (excellent YA author) that’s been waiting for me for a month. And while I love that I got my Kindle for Christmas, my downloaded books have had me distracted from my library shelf. Help!

  9. August McLaughlin

    Hope you enjoy your new book adventure, Coleen! I buy most of my books online to read on my Kindle nowadays. I bought and downloaded Roni Loren’s, CRASH INTO YOU, yesterday… Excited to start it.

  10. Serena Dracis

    Three times I’ve started Underworld by Graham Hancock (one of my favorites!) but been distracted. It’s not Underworld’s fault, it’s a big beautiful book, filled with intriguing ideas, it’s well researched, and it takes a lot of brain power. I love that. But a fast and easily digested novel always seems to bump it off my radar. I toyed with making a New Year’s Resolution to only read books I’ve never read before, and start with Underworld. But then it morphed into ‘just finish the darn thing!’

  11. Alicia Street

    Love this post, Coleen! Really made me smile. I’ve got so many books waiting for me in every room of the house – and now I’m building a kindle queue as well.

  12. Pat O'Dea Rosen

    What is it with you and dust, Coleen? Thanks to your last post, I dusted my ceiling fan. Now I have to do the bookcases. Meanwhile, my TBR pile grows. My Kindle isn’t bulging, but should. On top of my pile of physical books is The Lost Wife by Alyson Richman. A friend recommended it highly, and then it popped into the Gold Box at Amazon, so, of course, I bought it.

  13. Sheila Seabrook

    I can’t keep up to my TBR pile. I keep saying I’m not going to buy any more books but that doesn’t seem to stop me from hitting the BUY button.

    I’m looking forward to hearing how your challenge goes, Coleen!

  14. Jennette Marie Powell

    LOL This could so be me! I have three shelves full of paper books I haven’t read! And probably another dozen in my Kindle archive to read on my phone or netbook. Most of the paper books are freebies I picked up at RWA conferences or meetings, or that have been given to me as gifts. I really need to go through there and just get rid of the ones I realistically won’t read – and pick up the ones I will. Thanks for the reminder!

  15. Janelle Madigan

    I have a wonderful line-up of books I’m hoping to read this year, and that includes a few classics I haven’t gotten around to yet. “The Catcher in the Rye” is also on my bookshelf waiting to be read. I’d like to reread “Pride and Prejudice” and “Sense and Sensibility,” since it’s been a few years on those. But most of all? “Frankenstein.”

    And the Ursula K. Le Guin quote you mentioned is one of my favorites. It’s only through readers’ imaginations that stories truly come alive!

  16. Patricia

    Oh Collen, what a sad, yet necessary post. I have way too many books awaiting my eyes. My “resolution” this year, even though technically I’m not a maker of resolutions, was to not buy so many books this year. I must get through the stacks of unread books that I bought last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, before getting new ones. I have, much to my dismay, already ordered several e-books this year already. My excuse is that I got a Kindle for Christmas, which is really pointless if you don’t download any books to it right? So anyway, I’m not off to a really good start, but hey, the year is young. There’s still hope!

    So, buy fewer books. Read more books in my library. That’s it. I am resolved.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  17. Tameri Etherton

    You are such a crack up! I think I have too many books giving me stink eye as well. Not as dusty as yours above, but let’s just say they have been in the TBR pile for waaaay too long. The problem is, I keep getting new books that go on top of them. Perhaps I should read from the bottom up, or periodically rearrange them into a new order. Or not. One of my goals this year is to read at least 12 books for pleasure and 12 books on craft. That’s only 24 books for the whole year. Not even one every two weeks! I can do this. I know I can. So can you!

  18. Lynn Kelley

    I have sooooooo many books calling to me. I’m either low on energy or out of time. If only I wasn’t a slow reader and never needed to sleep, I could give them the attention they’re longing for. And I long to read them all, too!

  19. Karen McFarland

    Oh Lynn, you just had to move them all!

    Hi Coleen! You are so silly! But how did you get your husband to dust? Mine will vacumn but he’s never dusted. That’s fantastic!

    Well, about the TBR pile. This is embarrassing. I don’t have one. I read all the time. We don’t have a TV. And the other day my husband just bought me a KIndle. I am soo excited! I just down loaded Diane Capri’s novel. I’m not usually a thriller reader, but you never know. So a whole new world has opened up to me now. Love it!

    Get busy reading girl! LOL! 🙂

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      I really enjoy my TV! We once went without for about 6 months, on purpose. It was a terrible experiment.
      Anyway, my goal is to get back to finishing 3 books a week, which is what I averaged before adding social media to my life, we will see! But I did just finish Diane’s book the other night! Yay (for the accomplishment and for the book)! 🙂

  20. Jenny Hansen

    OMG, there are soooo many books waiting for me, but I keep having shiny objects jump in front of them. My only defense is that the TBR pile is “somewhere” in the office but I’ve never actually organized my books since the move, so I don’t know EXACTLY where that is. It’s a crappy defense, I know, but it’s all I’ve got. 🙂

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