It’s National Novel Writing Month and I’m participating again.  It’s so exciting starting a brand new project. Although, I have to admit, I’ve never juggled this many writing projects at one time.  I’m thinking about buying brand new outfits–one for each story.  Then I could just change wardrobe when I open a different Word document (I assume my brain will make the transition as well). Totally makes sense, right? Even without the new outfits, I’m having fun.  This NaNoWriMo quote… Read more »

I used to say I wanted to be a writer when I was a kid.  Out loud. I even brought my stories to school for my fourth grade teacher to critique.  I proudly wore, then displayed the button she gave me.  I still have it. My kid badge of courage.   Sometime after high school, that courage deflated a bit.  I still wrote, but I filed it all away in a large Rubbermaid container. Part of it was a lack of… Read more »

Nighttime at Rabin Square Tel Aviv, Israel   I get inspired looking at photography.  However, I wilt at the thought of shutter speeds, exposure, and focal lengths.  I haven’t allocated brain space to understand the technical aspects of photography.  Yet. For now, I am content to stick with my point and shoot camera and look at other people’s oh so pretty pictures. My husband took this photograph in Israel–at night.  I love the contrast between the dark sky and the… Read more »