When I was growing up, birthdays were always festive.  Check out the wrapping paper–the comics!   My mom usually made an ice cream cake, and decorated the birthday girl’s/boy’s bedroom doorway with streamers. Sometimes we celebrated at the dining room table with the “fancy” blue china. And we took photos like this:   Capturing the Wish   Looking at these pictures, I realized we captured the secret wish moment. A wish (or two), a deep breath, and then hopes are… Read more »

“Wear the old coat and buy the new book.” -Austin Phelps Right now I have 394 books on my Amazon Wish List.  So um, my coat would be pretty threadbare if I followed the above quote for my entire list.  But I do buy from it, on occasion (my husband and I differ on our definition of occasion).  Mostly I use my Wish List to refill my hold queue at the library.  Also, I must admit I’m hoping for that… Read more »