Sometimes it’s good just to go somewhere and get lost.  Even though I’ve lived in my town for 18 years, I found a new place.     The locks   It can be fun to find a new hangout.   Especially if you have snacks.    Gluten free pistachio donut from WPA bakery.      Sometimes it’s nice to feel shipwrecked for a little while.   Or try a new path.   Maybe find yourself a little less tangled.  … Read more »

  I love to go for walks outside, and lately the weather in my part of the world has been all kinds of amazing. So, I’ve taken my winter exercise routine of marching in front of the TV (why is this not an Olympic sport?) to the road. And the scenery has been awesome, because spring is breathing new life–and color–into everything…   Tulip tree in Historic Fredericksburg Rooster at children’s farm in Maymont Robin’s egg Koi in the Japanese… Read more »