I like to play with photo prompts on Instagram and this week one of those prompts was upside down.  Birds at Fountain Lake here in Richmond. So I flipped this photo and something about the birds flying into the bottom corner made my brain buzz (and maybe made me feel a tad dizzy.) Pipeline walk in downtown Richmond.  As much as I get a certain routine comfort in knowing I can plant myself on the couch in front of the… Read more »

    On a trip to Virginia Beach last December, I got up early and watched the sun rise. I still think about how cool it was to sit on the dark beach and watch the sun peek above the horizon. So when the hub and I went to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia Beach last weekend Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge I realized I had the opportunity to see the sunrise at the beach again. So I… Read more »

  Recently I challenged myself to try to catch some action shots with my phone’s camera.     Not much action here. Just some seagulls, hanging out.     Although, some gulls took a little time for reflecting.     Others stretched their wings–or showed off. Can’t say for sure as I’m not really a gull expert.  BUT… I do know that birds like bread.     They will crane necks to get bread.      They will swoop and… Read more »