Hi! Well, I’m back.  Mostly.  Maybe not so much mentally (in fact I just asked my husband: What’s the word for when you are here physically but not ____?)  Yea, my head still feels a bit stuffed with the cottony bits of jet lag. 6,000 miles + 25 hours of travel time +  7 hour time difference = very little sleep. Our trip had high points and low points.  It was both relaxing (no dinner making! the beach!) and exhausting… Read more »

   School is out.  Summer is here. And that means vacation time! “Those that say you can’t take it with you never saw a car packed for a vacation trip.”   I love family vacation for the break from routine–and the change of scenery.   Ireland    San Francisco    Niagara Falls   I love vacation because you can sleep in–or take a nap.  Anytime.  Anywhere.   My son sleeping on an airplane shuttle   I love vacation because I don’t have… Read more »

  It’s springtime and I’m thinking about sunny days, vacation, gardens, going for walks outside and okay cleaning out the fridge. But even spring cleaning somehow feels  . . . liberating. Have I lost you? I don’t particularly like to clean.  If there was an easy way to turn my house upside down and shake out all the dust and crumbs, I would be doing it. But what I do like is the clean slate.  Spring brings another chance to… Read more »