Spinning Time into Gold or Carpe Snowman

J.M. Barrie quote


How to spin time into gold


You will need:

your time


a baby carrot

chopped dates

a few Tic Tacs

and whatever else your heart may desire


1. Dig fingers into snow and let the fun begin!

2. Toss aside any pine needles, brown leaves, and the voice in your head questioning why you are spending precious time making a snowman on a weekday morning

 smiling snowman


 3. Give your snowman a minty Tic Tac grin. 


snowman smile


4. Be sure to grin back


melted snowman


4. When snowman melts, ignore the I told you so voice smirking in your head because

the time passed anyway

and yet you found a way to keep it with you.



What time are you spinning into gold this week? 

Happy Monday!

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