This is my office. The clean side.   Thank you to my friend Karen McFarland for tagging me in her post about Inspiring Spaces! So, I write in my office. My office has books, pictures, quotes, and so many writing utensils you might believe I’m preparing for some kind of apocalypse. Well, the kind of apocalypse where one is not SO preoccupied with survival that they may like to sit and write, or doodle, for a bit. (Perhaps, a creative apocalypse?) Oh… Read more »

Last weekend was historic.   We celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary (w/ silly selfies, because that’s how we roll)… on the very same day that we took our youngest child to college. *sigh* But seriously, we couldn’t be more proud. He’s studying at Thomas Jefferson’s alma mater. (Although, apparently, it’s cooler to mention alumnus, Jon Stewart, host of the Daily Show) This part wasn’t easy though.  We knew it wouldn’t be, having done the goodbye thing with our daughter only… Read more »