One of my favorite summer memories involves a garbage bag. Classic summer, right? 😉 Okay so maybe not. But if you will, picture two large plastic bags on the grass, with a green garden hose coiled nearby. And these two trouble makers problem solvers pursuers of possibility (who did not live near a pool at the time) My sister B and me, Lake Michigan  Then add water. Up to our chins. Until we are blowing bubbles across the surface of our non-Olympic… Read more »

Meet my new guru!   We met last weekend at Crabtree Falls in George Washington National Forest.   Just in time, because tomorrow marks the summer solstice here in the Northern hemisphere. For me, June has always meant it’s time to slow down a bit. Maybe because the majority of my years have been defined by school and summer break. I realized today, that there’s only been a handful of summers that were not sandwiched between school years (either for… Read more »

   Daughter’s high school graduation   The gluten-free weekend at Sugar Shack donuts   Road trips   Family vacation   Summer reading   Walks around the lake with my hub (and the geese)   Summer rain   Summer flowers   Walks along the James River   County Fair   Daughter gets her dorm key   Dorm room   Goodbyes (for now)   A summer cloud break   What has been a highlight for you this summer? Happy Monday!    … Read more »