According to a recent article at, the number one thing that holds people back from success is… *half-hearted drumroll* ATTITUDE. *sigh* I SO get this. There are days I know I need to rally. I want to rally. But then you know, you’re tired. Anyone else up for being carried around? Or distracted. Somewhere else. I’m sure you’ve seen this before. Or felt this: You’re frustrated. You’ve lost your focus. You need an attitude metamorphosis. So get ready.  Here’s… Read more »

  This weekend I watched the play, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, THREE times. Three times? Was I studying the play for easy peasy book marketing tips? No, although I’d do that for a play called How to Clean Your House Without Really Trying. 🙂 I watched because my son played the role of personnel manager, Mr. Bratt,  in his high school’s performance of How to Succeed. This was his first play. From auditions, to the last… Read more »

Kids, do not try this at home.  All stunts performed by a free-spirited professional tour guide.    With the new year upon us, I want to send out an extra special thank you for stopping by and sharing in this adventure with me.  You all add heaps of sparkle to this journey and I am SO grateful. So here’s to getting the most out of life.  Whether your adventure agenda for 2013 includes dangling your legs over the Grand Canyon or… Read more »