Hey all! Just popping in to wish you a Happy Halloween… As is my tradition (um, starting today), I’m going with the something cute and something scary Halloween greeting Although I imagine seeing my post in your inbox probably startled you. But had to be done, because I miss you guys! Anyway here’s something cute Pencil, ink, gouache, digital color, and English breakfast tea (for me, not the art)  Okay now brace yourself next up, something super chilling a practical crime… Read more »

Halloween has been shifted from center stage here due to the Frankenstorm moving up the east coast (although if you asked my kids, they would say the fact that school is closed is center stage, but you can’t ask them because they’re still sleeping). But the biggest concern in my area (Virginia) is the wind.  Because of the trees.   We have loads of pine trees in our neighborhood.  Now pine trees may make it possible for us to have… Read more »

  Fear. Love it or hate it? Do you think it motivates or interferes? This past week James Spader’s character on The Office gave this take on fear: “Fear plays an interesting role in our lives.  How dare we let it motivate us? How dare we let it into our decision-making, into our livelihoods, into our relationships?  It’s funny isn’t it?  We take a day of the year to dress up in costume, to celebrate fear. “ Of course this… Read more »