Sending out a little “Instahappy” from my Instagram account. Cousins playing bouncy house basketball   Summer raindrops   Donuts!  By the way, my hub’s t-shirt says, I know the muffin man. You know, the one who lives on Drury Lane?    Farmer’s Market tomatoes (for after donut cleansing)   Something cuddly. Actually, I don’t know what kind of caterpillar this is, so I probably wouldn’t suggest getting too close.    Blue heron waiting patiently for dinner at the James… Read more »

Last week I participated in the local JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) walk to cure, walking with family as Team Dan the Man  in memory of my brother who died in 2006 due to complications of type 1/juvenile diabetes. It was a beautiful day where we raised money for a great cause, but when the bagpipes began to play at the start of the walk, I started to cry. All around me were cheerleaders, balloons, and a whole lot of festivity, and… Read more »

I blog a lot about inspiration, motivation, and bright side kinds of things.  I do it because it’s what I like to read, and because I like to smile and laugh (and make people smile and laugh). But I have to admit, sometimes I am terrible at the whole Enjoy the Moment stuff. I try, I really do. But sometimes I feel like an overexposed, turned inside out kind of being. Maybe it’s an introvert thing, maybe it’s just a… Read more »