Two years ago I signed up for weekly emails to train for a 5k.  At the time I was walking 5 miles a day and had just started adding jogging.  I thought it would be motivating, maybe even fun to collect 5k race t-shirts. Of course, life had other plans and before I could even get a second 5k training email, I was at the doctor for neck pain.  I thought it was just a pinched nerve, but it… Read more »

“Outside my window a new day I see, and only I can determine what kind of day it will be. It can be busy and sunny, laughing and gay, or boring and cold, unhappy and gray. My own state of mind is the determining key, for I’m only the person I’ll let myself be. I can be thoughtful and do all I can to help, or be selfish and think just of myself. I can enjoy what I do and make… Read more »