And the road trip continues… Twenty four miles from Portland, Oregon is the Vista House at Crown Point  View from inside Stairway to vistas The Columbia River Gorge is gorgeous! 8 miles from the Vista house… Multnomah Falls seems to be the must see waterfall in the Columbia River gorge area but I really liked Latourell falls even though the Multnomah stop had ice cream It’s a quieter spot compared to Multnomah and you could feel the spray of the… Read more »

Got milk? Ariella (a six year old Brown Swiss cow at Shelburne Farms in Vermont) does… …about eight gallons a day. This is a sheep, but she was a total ham. #smile Oh that moment, right before you leap. At Shelburne Farms they let you lead the chickens back to the coop. I could use some corralling when it comes to hanging out on the Internet. Someone takes their job seriously. This chicken probably never procrastinates. Back stage after the show.  On the… Read more »