And the road trip continues… Twenty four miles from Portland, Oregon is the Vista House at Crown Point  View from inside Stairway to vistas The Columbia River Gorge is gorgeous! 8 miles from the Vista house… Multnomah Falls seems to be the must see waterfall in the Columbia River gorge area but I really liked Latourell falls even though the Multnomah stop had ice cream It’s a quieter spot compared to Multnomah and you could feel the spray of the… Read more »

Warning: Vacation pictures ahead. The hub and I just got back from a road trip (my favorite kind of trip!). We flew to Seattle and then rented a car and drove 1700 miles in 7 days. This is just the beginning… Peaceful space above the clouds. A sharp contrast to the turbulence in my mind (I’m still a work in progress when it comes to zen and the art of flying). Ah. Coffee. The best? Storyville Coffee at the Pike Place… Read more »

       No WHEE! here. Mum’s the word.     Could not believe how close this um, real live*, horse let me get. WHEE!   No need to shell out big bucks on a trip to Europe–you can find it all here. WHEE! Plus Twinx. Twinkie + Twix + Bacon = ?????  Eat at own risk: WHEE?  I’m pretty sure we used to do this in gym class.**  WHEE!  What’s your favorite thing at the fair? Would you try a… Read more »