A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were playing a trivia board game with our fifteen year old son.  Our son is a bit competitive and usually beats us when it comes to geography and presidential history, but he wasn’t so happy when he pulled this card:   Name a character from Hogan’s Heroes.   “Come on,” he said sounding annoyed.  “I don’t watch this reality TV stuff . . .ugh, okay fine, Hulk Hogan.”   An American… Read more »

Happy Friday! After a long week filled with lists, goals, resolutions and changes, I am in need of something a little soothing. Because every now and then you just need something to calm you down, and maybe even make you smile. So for that, I offer you the obviously underrated, power of a Q-tip.   Have a happy, relaxing weekend!  

Happy Friday! After a week that included a power outage, I fell behind on everything.  But I can’t pin all the blame on the thunder storms, because sometimes it’s just my timing. Do you ever feel like your timing is off? Have a great weekend!