Do you know what kind of bug this is???  It looks like a praying mantis, but it’s about the size of a nickel. What do you think? Bugs and flowers aside, my daughter came home for a visit last week, so I’ve also been happily focusing on family. 🙂   What are you taking a closer look at lately? Tell me, I’d love to know!! HAPPY MONDAY!         **If you enjoyed this… Read more »

  Beauty.   Is it in the eye of the beholder?   After all, what we like is subjective.  We’ve got those complicated noggins storing a lifetime of experiences, passions and beliefs, all of which color what we find beautiful. My head shot     Of course, shiny things distract and sparkly things can be fun(ny) . . .   That’s a lot of hair for one noggin to hold.     And beauty can get tangled up with things… Read more »