A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were playing a trivia board game with our fifteen year old son.  Our son is a bit competitive and usually beats us when it comes to geography and presidential history, but he wasn’t so happy when he pulled this card:   Name a character from Hogan’s Heroes.   “Come on,” he said sounding annoyed.  “I don’t watch this reality TV stuff . . .ugh, okay fine, Hulk Hogan.”   An American… Read more »

So this week I planned on writing about the season premiere of The Walking Dead and possibly the insanity that was the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, but then I was confronted with something a tad bit scarier than a rogue zombie herd and middle age bullies in heels. My teenage daughter announced her latest plan: she would rather take the GED test than finish high school. WHAT (or wAHt in Jersey speak or rAWrrr in zombie)? Scary for… Read more »