For the last few months I’ve been working on a project that I really want to finish. I’m frustrated with myself, because I was supposed to be done in March. Back to the drawing board. Oh, I’ve got a bunch of excuses reasons why I’m not done. For one, this project is pushing at the limits of my technological skills. I took a Photoshop class this spring, but I still have some boundary stretching to do in the tech department…. Read more »

  2013 has been a year of CHANGE.     Some good. Some not so good. All of it unsettling in some way.     Like publishing.  And my daughter graduating from high school and moving from home.   Surreal.     See the bright lights in the big city? This is where my daughter now makes her home. Big changes. Big time unsettling. But thankfully, finding yourself unsettled is not always a negative thing.     For example, while… Read more »

The quickening. It’s what the pregnancy books call the moment when a soon-to-be mom is physically aware of the movements of her baby.     I remember a bubbly effervescence, a tiny tapping, a feeling akin to little butterflies launching. From that first motion on, parenthood became a quickening too. A series of moments accelerating. Too. Fast. My daughter is moving at warp speed. One minute she’s appearing on an ultrasound screen, a bouncy, blurry greyness that I hardly could… Read more »