I’m kinda ridiculously excited to watch The Sound of Music Live! this Thursday, December 5th. I’ve been a BIG fan of the movie since I was a kid, watching it every year and playing the soundtrack on my record player again and again.   Raindrops on roses   When I was younger, I probably got a kick out of singing along. Silver white winters… (and snowflakes that stay on my nose and lashes)   But eventually my fascination with this… Read more »

  I like to doodle. Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time editing fiction. It’s starting to feel like rearranging furniture and then putting it all back again. Tiring. Even a tad boring. After awhile, editing work makes me miss the freedom of writing a first draft. So I doodle, or do something else creative. It’s called creative cross training. For example, if you primarily work with words, try your hand at something visual, or musical.     Just… Read more »

Today this blog post is sponsored by the letter “L.” But first a big thank you to Myndi Shafer for this Lovely “L” prompt.  Be sure to hop on over to her site and take a look at the super cool cover of her upcoming debut SHRILUGH. Now onto L. Ten Things I Love that Begin with the Letter L.   1.  LONG WALKS  Now I know that LONG WALKS totally sounds like I’m starting a cheesy dating ad, but it’s… Read more »