We bought a house! It’s kind of in the country (or country-ish, as we’ve been saying). So now we have a city and a country house. Not on purpose though. We actually need to sell the city house. Anyone looking for a big house in the capital city of Virginia? It’s got refinished hardwood floors… HGTV moment when we discovered we had hardwood under the vinyl in our foyer. #InstantCharacter So in addition to the downsizing and the painting I… Read more »

Hey all! Um, please excuse the paint. Nine shades of greige We’re sort of swimming in a sea of greige right now. According to our realtor (and more importantly, Pinterest), greige is the BEST paint color to sell your house. So we’re awash in neutral. Anyway, back to where I left off weeks ago. Which was that pretty cool Pacific Northwest road trip we took in early June. For weeks I’ve been blogging in my head about it (and other… Read more »

Last weekend was historic.   We celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary (w/ silly selfies, because that’s how we roll)… on the very same day that we took our youngest child to college. *sigh* But seriously, we couldn’t be more proud. He’s studying at Thomas Jefferson’s alma mater. (Although, apparently, it’s cooler to mention alumnus, Jon Stewart, host of the Daily Show) This part wasn’t easy though.  We knew it wouldn’t be, having done the goodbye thing with our daughter only… Read more »