The Olympics–they bring to mind big dreams, athletes making history and well, spa treatments and fancy chocolates.   At least it did this weekend.  My husband and I stayed at a hotel that offered that pretty chocolate platter and resort credit every time the U.S. won gold.  I was already having fun watching gymnastics, swimming and track and field, but eight gold medals during our stay equaled not only patriotic excitement but free stuff, like a spa pedicure: Thanks also… Read more »

  There is an eagle in me that wants to soar, and there is a hippopotamus in me that wants to wallow in the mud. ~Carl Sandburg   This weekend my husband and I went to an outdoor sports festival.  There was music, food and a variety of outdoor sports demos including slacklining.     Yoga on paddle boards   Even super chess Super Chess:  Are you ready??   All that adventure and yet I was beginning to feel the… Read more »

  “LIVING THE YAY! LIFE!”   Mondays can be rough.  The early alarm, that not so easy transition from the weekend to the weekday and the fact that you just want a little more face time with your pillow. Motivation can be slow to appear.  Unless someone forgot to put the garbage cans on the curb.  Then there’s the bounding out of bed at the noise from the sanitation truck rolling down the street. But that’s a harsh start.  Especially… Read more »