The first kiss. So much anticipation, so many possibilities… Sweet. Romantic. Fun. Flirty. Awkward. Toothy. Slobbery. Waxy.    Pucker up. Yes, waxy. That’s the first word that comes to mind when I think of my first kiss. Not all first kisses are good. In fact, mine was not good it was GOO. As in, Hello, Madame Tussauds. But on the plus side, that bad kiss was the easiest sign ever that he was not the one for me… Read more »

Last week my husband was at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.  He geeked out over Ultra HD televisions, the Tesla all-electric sports car and other beeping, laser thingamabobs. In the midst of all this excitement, my gadget-loving design engineer stopped to get me a photo of a celebrity. He figured it might be something I could use for my blog. 🙂 So he got in the line, elbow to elbow with photographers from Popular Mechanics and Reuters, and ended up standing… Read more »

Moderation. Not exactly the merriest of words during the month of December.  Especially not if your brain –and Pinterest boards–are crowded with cookie exchange party ideas, holiday menus and pie. I like pie. Thanks to Barbara over at Just a Smidgen for planting the idea of pumpkin and meringue in my head.  Yum.  It haunted me excessively. Some days I think I have moderation under control.  Some.  It’s a work in progress. Take my very first diary.  I’ve mentioned it a… Read more »