I like looking at travel/food blog posts.  I get a little boost, a little vicarious relaxation. Maybe it’s the cold, rainy, icy weather we’ve been having lately, but I’ve been craving some go time, the kind of meandering that starts with a leisurely cup of (fancy) coffee and goes . . . wherever. Fancy coffee always makes me feel like I’m on vacation. Add in a great view and I’m set         Do you have any plans… Read more »

Nighttime at Rabin Square Tel Aviv, Israel   I get inspired looking at photography.  However, I wilt at the thought of shutter speeds, exposure, and focal lengths.  I haven’t allocated brain space to understand the technical aspects of photography.  Yet. For now, I am content to stick with my point and shoot camera and look at other people’s oh so pretty pictures. My husband took this photograph in Israel–at night.  I love the contrast between the dark sky and the… Read more »

Hi! Well, I’m back.  Mostly.  Maybe not so much mentally (in fact I just asked my husband: What’s the word for when you are here physically but not ____?)  Yea, my head still feels a bit stuffed with the cottony bits of jet lag. 6,000 miles + 25 hours of travel time +  7 hour time difference = very little sleep. Our trip had high points and low points.  It was both relaxing (no dinner making! the beach!) and exhausting… Read more »