Today I’m over at 4amwriter. The lovely (and disciplined) Kate didn’t make me get up at 4 am, but she did ask me some very interesting questions. Fun stuff like what I’d do if I lived in a world where I made all the rules for writers (and everyone must obey). The following photos represent some of my answers. Pop on over to Kate’s to see the questions. 🙂   Did you know that there are American Crocodiles in the… Read more »

  This weekend I watched the play, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, THREE times. Three times? Was I studying the play for easy peasy book marketing tips? No, although I’d do that for a play called How to Clean Your House Without Really Trying. 🙂 I watched because my son played the role of personnel manager, Mr. Bratt,  in his high school’s performance of How to Succeed. This was his first play. From auditions, to the last… Read more »

  Hi all! I’ve got a special treat for you today… YA author Myndi Shafer is here to answer a few questions about her brand new book, The Darkening–the much anticipated sequel to Shrilugh. It’s out now! The Darkening   As Aydan Fulbert settles into her new life in a new world, she realizes a few things. She’s healing from losing Brig. She’s coming to terms with her new home. And she’s lonely.   Rein Torvald’s return from his long… Read more »