Happy Halloween!

Hey all!

Just popping in to wish you a Happy Halloween…

As is my tradition (um, starting today), I’m going with the something cute

and something scary Halloween greeting

Although I imagine seeing my post in your inbox probably startled you.

But had to be done, because I miss you guys!

Anyway here’s something cute


Pencil, ink, gouache, digital color, and English breakfast tea (for me, not the art) 


now brace yourself

next up, something super chilling

a practical crime scene on my sliding glass door this month


Nikon camera, 18-55 mm lens, and a rapid, and possibly a bit skippy, heartbeat


The circle of life

(wrapped around a fly).

I can’t sugar coat that for you

unless you show up at my door tonight in costume

(but only tonight)

So just in case here’s something to distract and soothe you


Hopefully I’ve calmed you enough to share in the comments your favorite Halloween costume.

Here’s a witchy throwback (way back) of a costumed me.

witch coleen patrick

Happy Monday!

Happy Halloween from the Dolls in My Attic

In general, I’m not afraid of dolls.

But they do have the potential to be super creepy.

scary stuff the doll

I loved (but also kinda hated) this book in middle school.

And a recent trip to the flea market reminded me that I wouldn’t want to spend the night in a flea market.

creepy doll flea market

She’s for sale! I dare you to take her home.

antique doll

Now she looks sweet.

Still not having a slumber party here though.

Happy doll flea market

Sure she’s smiling but all I can hear is a line from the Twilight Zone episode, Living Doll.

“My Name is Talky Tina, and you’d better be nice to me.”

scary doll head flea market


doll selfie

A doll selfie. 

She was in my attic.

Apparently I have unknowingly been sleeping in a house full of dolls.

aging doll atticNot so scary. She’s tiny and I could outrun her.

Especially because she’d probably have to stop to pick up her hat.

And her hair. 

creepy dolls attic

But they’ve got their eyes on me.

old doll grandma attic

So I’ll sleep with one eye open,

probably wondering where her other arm went…

but mostly trying not to imagine it stuck in a giant spider web.

If dolls don’t make you shudder, what creeps you out? I’d love to know! 

Happy Halloween!





Abandoned, but Maybe They’ll Leave the Light on for You

You know how some people need to sky dive or bungee jump to get their adrenaline going?



abandoned motel rt 1_opt

Not me.

abandoned motel roadside_opt



 All it takes to get me running scared, is an old, abandoned motel (during daylight).

abandoned motel old_opt

Haunted? Maybe.

abandoned motel tires_opt


 Just tires. But my mind added chainsaws.


abandoned motel air conditioner_opt


 Definitely no air conditioning (some find  that scary)

 abandoned motel _opt


 It was super quiet here.

And something made me start running back to the car. Fast.

 abandoned motel door_opt

 Probably just my imagination.

But I’m not opening the door to find out.


What scares you? Would you stay the night in a haunted motel?

Enjoy your stay!

Happy Halloween/Weekend!

Bowl Haircuts and Other Scary Things

Halloween words_opt

Halloween has been shifted from center stage here due to the Frankenstorm moving up the east coast (although if you asked my kids, they would say the fact that school is closed is center stage, but you can’t ask them because they’re still sleeping).

But the biggest concern in my area (Virginia) is the wind.  Because of the trees.


We have loads of pine trees in our neighborhood.  Now pine trees may make it possible for us to have cinnamon scented pine cones this time of year, but they also have a shallow root system that unfortunately causes them to topple like dominoes.

 hurrican irene virginia_opt

Here’s a pine that took out our power for more than a week last year after Hurricane Irene (I don’t believe it’s of the cinnamon variety).


But let’s not think of toppling trees, flooding or power outages.

How about I taunt you with scary Halloween witches . . .

 witch coleen patrick

  Eleven year old me.  

Or venomous spiders . . .

 spider at natural bridge

I don’t actually know if it’s venomous, but it’s certainly scary.


And let me remind you of the horrors of denim on denim.


Spider attack broken finger 

I’d like to blame this “fashion” on delirium due to a spider attack (yes, that’s why I’m in a cast).


And last but not least, let me get you running scared from this bowl haircut . . .

bad hair day

 The relative who shall not be named (shamed?)


 And now I gotta go, before Bowl Haircut Girl finds me.

What scares you on Halloween?  What is your favorite Trick or Treat candy?

Have a great (and safe) week!

When Spiders Attack

spider at natural bridge 


Love it or hate it?

Do you think it motivates or interferes?

This past week James Spader’s character on The Office gave this take on fear:

“Fear plays an interesting role in our lives.  How dare we let it motivate us? How dare we let it into our decision-making, into our livelihoods, into our relationships?  It’s funny isn’t it?  We take a day of the year to dress up in costume, to celebrate fear. “

Of course this was after he told a scary story to the employees, making sure he included something to tap into each and every person’s fear.  According to him, my scary story would involve spiders on a plane flying over a shark infested ocean.

A sequel for Samuel Jackson perhaps?

But if you ask me, Halloween is just fun.  At least it was when I was a kid.

witch coleen patrick

Scary costume, but happy kid.

But spiders?  Completely different.  They are real.

Once when I was a teenager, I came face to face with one that resulted in a trip to the ER.

For me anyway (I have no idea what happened to the spider).

Spider attack broken finger

See that cast?  I broke my finger in that struggle.

Although looking back, I’m wondering if the really scary things were those denim boots on my feet.

Happy Halloween!