Finding the Amazing in Your Extreme Routine

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A couple of weeks ago I went to a concert with my daughter.  We sang, we danced and then came the deep thoughts.

I know, uh oh.  But this time it wasn’t me and my tendency to over think and ruminate.  It was this guy:

 isaac slade close up ear the fray _opt

Meet Isaac Slade, lead singer of The Fray, or well, his ear (and his deep thinking brain).


So Mr. Deep Thinker mentioned something that got me reaching for my phone to text myself.  He talked about how he used to work in a coffee shop and how his life became a series of two-minute coffee-making intervals.  Every day he did the same things over and over.

Extreme routine.  We all know it.

And routines can be detrimental to not only enjoying life, but inspiration and creativity.  Except he forced himself to look between those espresso and latte intervals.  He searched for meaning and wrote songs about that space, because no matter how extreme our routine, no matter how identical each day may seem . . .

Today will never happen again.

You wake up and drink coffee.

Go to work or school.

Shop for groceries.

Hug your loved ones.

Talk to friends.

Watch TV.

Check Facebook.


Maybe it feels a lot like yesterday (and the day before), but it’s TODAY and unless you have a Marty McFly connection, there will never be another today.

Even hugging our loved ones, it can be so easy to forget the significance, the intimacy, the connection.

And I’m inclined to forget about the grocery store.  It might take a little deep thinking to be present there.


But breathe easy, because it’s a little easier to find the awesome at snack time.

 chocolate dipped cream cheese cookies_opt

So here’s to finding the amazing in every day.



What are you doing to make today AMAZING? 

Tell me, I want to know–even if it doesn’t have anything to do with cookies. 🙂

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