Kids, do not try this at home.  All stunts performed by a free-spirited professional tour guide.    With the new year upon us, I want to send out an extra special thank you for stopping by and sharing in this adventure with me.  You all add heaps of sparkle to this journey and I am SO grateful. So here’s to getting the most out of life.  Whether your adventure agenda for 2013 includes dangling your legs over the Grand Canyon or… Read more »

As a kid I liked to stare at the lights on our Christmas tree . . . and then squint. I loved to see the lights go all stretchy and swirly. Sometimes happy is like that.  You get so excited you almost hold your breath and then just stay there in that blurry, sparkly moment.  You want it to last. I was thinking about this last week while driving in the car.  As I passed houses decorated and lit up, I thought… Read more »

    In the spirit of holiday, food and fun, I want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving week via photos from the local Celtic festival.   First, a toast to FUN.   And to YUMMY food.    And Music!    To dancing.   To hanging out and playing games.   And to dressing in your holiday best.   And last but not least, to tradition! I don’t remember my Irish grandmothers mentioning this Celtic delicacy, but I leave… Read more »