For more proof of my porch time machine, check out my daughter in last year’s post: The Quickening: From Baby to High School Graduate in Sixty Seconds. Now I’ve got two happy graduates. 🙂 What’s your best advice for graduates? Happy Monday!     **If you enjoyed this post, you can subscribe to receive my new posts straight to your inbox. Just add your email in the space at the top of the right sidebar under my photo.

For the last few months I’ve been working on a project that I really want to finish. I’m frustrated with myself, because I was supposed to be done in March. Back to the drawing board. Oh, I’ve got a bunch of excuses reasons why I’m not done. For one, this project is pushing at the limits of my technological skills. I took a Photoshop class this spring, but I still have some boundary stretching to do in the tech department…. Read more »

So this week I planned on writing about the season premiere of The Walking Dead and possibly the insanity that was the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, but then I was confronted with something a tad bit scarier than a rogue zombie herd and middle age bullies in heels. My teenage daughter announced her latest plan: she would rather take the GED test than finish high school. WHAT (or wAHt in Jersey speak or rAWrrr in zombie)? Scary for… Read more »