My First Coffee Cupping: Buzzworthy San Juan, Puerto Rico

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I like coffee.

I especially like how I am a tad less crabby in the mornings after I drink it–and of course, there’s the caffeine oomph.

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 My caffeinated doodles.


And I have to admit I feel pretty fancy whenever I get to sip on a five dollar soy latte (and practically spy-like when I get to do it incognito).

But I’d never heard of coffee cupping.

Turns out it’s a lot like wine tasting. Coffee cupping is a process used to evaluate and compare different coffees.

Coffee can taste briny, bready, or even oniony. Those are the not so good terms. Buttery, on the other hand, denotes full flavor and richness.

Who knew? Not me.

Until I traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico.]

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 Cafe Cuatro Sombras, San Juan, Puerto Rico

 coffee grinder_opt

This is a BIG coffee grinder. Cafe Cuatro Sombras is serious about their coffee.

 coffee cupping san juan_opt

Everything you need to start cupping.

 coffee cupping process_opt

Break the crust, and then it’s time to slurp your coffee.

Coffee should spread to the back of the tongue, NOT cause you to cough wildly (whoops).


 latte art san juan_opt

The prize at the end of our coffee cupping adventure: The best soy latte I’ve ever had.

Dare I say, buttery?

 san juan port night_opt

Bonus! Drinking coffee guarantees you see San Juan at night!


Tell me your thoughts on coffee! I’d love to hear them.

Happy Monday!