Today I am happy to have a very special guest here: Alarna Rose Gray.  Alarna describes herself as an aunt, animal lover, and writer.  To me she is also a new friend. AND she has a brand new book! Hello Pepi: A Toy Dog is for Real There was a little puppy  With a coat of raven silk, A lightning splash upon his chest And paws of peppered milk…   Hello Pepi is the first book in a wonderful new… Read more »

Two is better than one. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Edward and Bella. Bert and Ernie. Ben and Jerry. Thing 1 and Thing 2. Or those shirtless Abercrombie & Fitch twins . . .   Or the joyful pairings of the season: Mistletoe and kisses. Crispy latkes and sweet applesauce. Two turtle doves. Glitter and well everything (eventually that sparkly stuff will find its way to global glitter domination). Which naturally brings to mind the interesting pairing of celebrities and pets… Read more »

This weekend I took a little road trip to take my son to camp. With nothing on the radio, I dug around and came up with a cassette. It had no artist cover, just my loopy, teenage handwriting all over the paper liner. Yes, it was a mix tape. From 1987. So I popped it in the player and started to sing (while my son pushed his headphones deeper into his ears). I found myself thinking about the power of… Read more »