No WHEE! here. Mum’s the word.     Could not believe how close this um, real live*, horse let me get. WHEE!   No need to shell out big bucks on a trip to Europe–you can find it all here. WHEE! Plus Twinx. Twinkie + Twix + Bacon = ?????  Eat at own risk: WHEE?  I’m pretty sure we used to do this in gym class.**  WHEE!  What’s your favorite thing at the fair? Would you try a… Read more »

    In the spirit of holiday, food and fun, I want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving week via photos from the local Celtic festival.   First, a toast to FUN.   And to YUMMY food.    And Music!    To dancing.   To hanging out and playing games.   And to dressing in your holiday best.   And last but not least, to tradition! I don’t remember my Irish grandmothers mentioning this Celtic delicacy, but I leave… Read more »