Today at the library where I work, a patron read my name tag and then asked if I’d been brought in for St. Patrick’s day. Yup. All Coleens must pass a rigorous mascot training. It’s not enough to have the Gaelic name or the Irish heritage. There’s tons of other factors. Other (mostly) Irish things about me that are maybe not so obvious.  I eat St. Patty’s Day themed treats. (Although, I also do the same for most other holidays.)… Read more »

Happy Friday! After a long week filled with lists, goals, resolutions and changes, I am in need of something a little soothing. Because every now and then you just need something to calm you down, and maybe even make you smile. So for that, I offer you the obviously underrated, power of a Q-tip.   Have a happy, relaxing weekend!  

Two is better than one. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Edward and Bella. Bert and Ernie. Ben and Jerry. Thing 1 and Thing 2. Or those shirtless Abercrombie & Fitch twins . . .   Or the joyful pairings of the season: Mistletoe and kisses. Crispy latkes and sweet applesauce. Two turtle doves. Glitter and well everything (eventually that sparkly stuff will find its way to global glitter domination). Which naturally brings to mind the interesting pairing of celebrities and pets… Read more »