Some (More) Reasons I Love New York


i love new york mural nyc_opt

I love New York.

Maybe it’s because I was born in New Jersey and lived my pre-K years with a view of the Manhattan skyline.

manhattan nyc ferry view

Or maybe it’s just because NYC is awesome.

There’s always something new to see–and taste!

For me last weekend, that was at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop (East Village)

big gay ice cream nyc_opt

Order the Salty Pimp (don’t be shy)

Chocolate dipped soft serve injected with salted caramel (even the cone–which can be gluten free if you need!)

It’s SO good.

And zero guilt, because in NYC you can just walk it off

central park nyc_opt

Which we did in Central Park!

high line sunset nyc_opt

And the High Line 

high rock park staten island nyc_opt

And at High Rock Park, Staten Island (just a ferry ride away)

love nyc_opt

And lots of walking on the streets! 

Luckily a good coffee boost is easy to find in NYC.

My latest fave is the cappuccino at 12 Corners (Lower East Side)

cappuccino nyc_opt

Coffee that shimmers!

I loved this cappuccino so much I went back for another the next morning. 🙂

(Bonus gluten free tip: Tu-Lu’s Gluten-Free Bakery has the best coffee cake.)

But by far my most FAVORITE reason to visit New York now?

family nyc_opt

It’s where my daughter lives. 🙂

Where have you been hanging out lately? Any cool treats or sights to share? 

Happy Weekend!

My First Coffee Cupping: Buzzworthy San Juan, Puerto Rico

coffee funny quote_opt

I like coffee.

I especially like how I am a tad less crabby in the mornings after I drink it–and of course, there’s the caffeine oomph.

coffee doodle_opt

 My caffeinated doodles.


And I have to admit I feel pretty fancy whenever I get to sip on a five dollar soy latte (and practically spy-like when I get to do it incognito).

But I’d never heard of coffee cupping.

Turns out it’s a lot like wine tasting. Coffee cupping is a process used to evaluate and compare different coffees.

Coffee can taste briny, bready, or even oniony. Those are the not so good terms. Buttery, on the other hand, denotes full flavor and richness.

Who knew? Not me.

Until I traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico.]

cuatro sombras coffee san juan_opt

 Cafe Cuatro Sombras, San Juan, Puerto Rico

 coffee grinder_opt

This is a BIG coffee grinder. Cafe Cuatro Sombras is serious about their coffee.

 coffee cupping san juan_opt

Everything you need to start cupping.

 coffee cupping process_opt

Break the crust, and then it’s time to slurp your coffee.

Coffee should spread to the back of the tongue, NOT cause you to cough wildly (whoops).


 latte art san juan_opt

The prize at the end of our coffee cupping adventure: The best soy latte I’ve ever had.

Dare I say, buttery?

 san juan port night_opt

Bonus! Drinking coffee guarantees you see San Juan at night!


Tell me your thoughts on coffee! I’d love to hear them.

Happy Monday!



What’s Your Starbucks Name?



On a recent trip to Starbucks with my daughter, I learned she has a Starbucks pseudonym.

She tells them her name is Mary.

It makes sense. She has an uncommon name. One that is typically difficult to pronounce, especially when you factor in the coffee shop chatter and the hiss of steam from the machines.

So, she says Mary to avoid playing several rounds of WHAT?? with the barista.

I totally get her predicament. You probably do too. Saturday Night Live recently did a Starbucks skit that had a Marsha getting a latte that read, Shar Shar.

Seeing what ends up on my own Starbucks cup has turned out to be kind of entertaining.

I kind of get a tiny zing of anticipation as the barista poises the Sharpie marker over the cup. What will they write?

coffee funny quote_opt


starbucks coffee fail 3_opt

starbucks coffee fail_opt




starbucks coffee fail 2_opt

starbucks coffee name_opt

This barista started with COLEOO. Then, second guessing himself, he showed me the cup.

I corrected him. This is what he came up with.

Close. 🙂


Do you use a different name when you order? Does your name ever get misspelled?

I love lattes–what’s your favorite coffee shop drink?

Have a great week!