This is my office. The clean side.   Thank you to my friend Karen McFarland for tagging me in her post about Inspiring Spaces! So, I write in my office. My office has books, pictures, quotes, and so many writing utensils you might believe I’m preparing for some kind of apocalypse. Well, the kind of apocalypse where one is not SO preoccupied with survival that they may like to sit and write, or doodle, for a bit. (Perhaps, a creative apocalypse?) Oh… Read more »

    Not that long ago, my husband and I were running errands and decided to finish the day by going for a walk. When he turned right out of the Costco parking lot, I immediately said, Wait–this is not the way to nature! This has become a running joke between us, but it’s also indicative of my life right now. I’m all about the nature.   James River   I’m sure there’s probably some psychological explanation. Something to do… Read more »

  I want freedom for the full expression of my personality. ― Mahatma Gandhi The First Amendment Monument in Charlottesville, Virginia   What would you write on this monument? Me?  I got creative and wrote my name. And continuing the theme of relaying the obvious, I wrote:     Maybe it wasn’t as colorful (or cathartic) as the citizen who wrote RYAN IS A TOOL, but that’s okay.  The 108 feet of slate writing space exists to express our views… Read more »