Since I spend a lot of time inside the mind of fictional teenagers, I thought it might be nice to get a little perspective from the real world. I decided it could be fun to interview readers.  Specifically teen (and tween) readers.      It’s research, not stalking.   So a big hello to Lydia. Lydia is 16, plays piano, dives competitively and is on her school’s gymnastic team.  Would you believe she made me do a round off… Read more »

  Beauty.   Is it in the eye of the beholder?   After all, what we like is subjective.  We’ve got those complicated noggins storing a lifetime of experiences, passions and beliefs, all of which color what we find beautiful. My head shot     Of course, shiny things distract and sparkly things can be fun(ny) . . .   That’s a lot of hair for one noggin to hold.     And beauty can get tangled up with things… Read more »

  “The test of any good fiction is that you should care something for the characters; the good to succeed, the bad to fail.” ~Mark Twain   Today I am happy to let writer Jessica O’Neal take the stage. Whether you’re writing or reading, you want characters to be believable and complex–even inspiring, and Jessica has a knack for reminding you why it’s so awesome to take a journey with a great character. A big thank you to Jessica for… Read more »