Last week my husband was at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.  He geeked out over Ultra HD televisions, the Tesla all-electric sports car and other beeping, laser thingamabobs. In the midst of all this excitement, my gadget-loving design engineer stopped to get me a photo of a celebrity. He figured it might be something I could use for my blog. 🙂 So he got in the line, elbow to elbow with photographers from Popular Mechanics and Reuters, and ended up standing… Read more »

  Have you ever found yourself looking for a sign?   Sometimes we look for signs anywhere– horoscopes, the weather, dreams.  When I was younger I remember consulting the Magic 8 ball when it came to matters of boys great import. Did you know that Google is also on that list?  I realized that last week when I looked at the list of search engine words that led internet surfers to my site. High on that list was one of… Read more »

  Since I spend a lot of time inside the mind of fictional teenagers, I thought it might be nice to get a little perspective from the real world. I decided it could be fun to interview readers.  Specifically teen (and tween) readers.      It’s research, not stalking.   So a big hello to Lydia. Lydia is 16, plays piano, dives competitively and is on her school’s gymnastic team.  Would you believe she made me do a round off… Read more »