Spinning Time into Gold or Carpe Snowman

J.M. Barrie quote


How to spin time into gold


You will need:

your time


a baby carrot

chopped dates

a few Tic Tacs

and whatever else your heart may desire


1. Dig fingers into snow and let the fun begin!

2. Toss aside any pine needles, brown leaves, and the voice in your head questioning why you are spending precious time making a snowman on a weekday morning

 smiling snowman


 3. Give your snowman a minty Tic Tac grin. 


snowman smile


4. Be sure to grin back


melted snowman


4. When snowman melts, ignore the I told you so voice smirking in your head because

the time passed anyway

and yet you found a way to keep it with you.



What time are you spinning into gold this week? 

Happy Monday!

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The Great Bull Run and a Food Fight: Grab Life by the Horns

ideas and adrenaline_opt


Idea adrenaline? I’m all in.

Running while being chased by bulls adrenaline? Not so much.

But when I got the opportunity to see this adrenaline junkie action up close and you-can-smell the-bulls personal, I didn’t hesitate.

Because The Great Bull Run is another historical moment for Virginia. Apparently this was the first bull run in the United States (it’s right up there with the founding of Jamestown and the Civil War).

And because, I was very curious about a bull run (and an engineered food fight).

the great bull run costume collage_opt


Some people wore costumes. I was disguised as a Media VIP.

 the great bull run_opt

There were lots of cowboys. 

 the great bull run bull pen_opt

The bulls seemed happy to pose for me. Maybe it was my badge.

 the great bull run abandon all hope ye who enter here_opt

Runners enter here.


the bull runs

Then open the gate. I think that bull was winking at me.




the great bull run virginia


There was only one way out: Climb the fence.


 the great bull run fear_opt


Then to round off the event, there was a food fight. With 50,000 tomatoes.


Again, gates were opened. 


 Tomato chaos. Ketchup in the making.

 tomato royale mess_opt

A Tomato Royale mess. 


Are you an adrenaline junkie? Have you ever been in a food fight?


Happy Monday! 🙂


If you want to see video from the event, check out my YouTube channel!



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A Food Reunion: My Big Fat Gluten-Filled Week

carpe diem food

I’m drinking the day and eating the pizza.

Because I am having a bit of a carpe diem moment this week.  My doctor ordered me to eat gluten to prepare for a test.

So, for the last week, I’ve been busy with some serious cramming.

And it’s been a dizzying sort of delish, the kind that begins with pizza and well, will probably end with pizza.  Because you can’t have a serious study session without pizza.

pizza crust not gluten free_opt

Gluten-free pizza cannot compete with this crust.


After more than a year of eating gluten-free, I’m having quite the food reunion.

Meet the star of Thanksgiving 2010.

vegan sausage stuffing_opt

My old friend, stuffing.


And her distant, but sweet cousin pie showed up too.


I was so touched when my Pinterest food boards made an appearance at the reunion.  After all, I haven’t known them that long.   It was comforting to see them get along so well with my dear friend the bakery case.


The bakery case, shimmering like a mirage. 


In the corner (of the freezer) I found the last cupcake from my daughter’s birthday last month.  What a treat!

cookie cupcake_opt


Cupcake with a cookie dough center.


I met delightful strangers . . .


Pumpkin whoopie pie 

And pals that always got me in trouble when we hung out. . .

pumpkin scone_opt

Frosting with a little scone.


And no get together would be complete without a few partypoopers. They always show up, right?

 grilled tofu salad_opt

Don’t worry, I ate ’em.


My closest friend, warm crusty bread was there.  I can’t seem to find any photographs, though.  Couldn’t stay still long enough, I suppose.

But believe me, we had plenty of face time.

Good thing, because my gluten party is almost over.  Will you pass me a napkin?  I’ve got a date with exercise.

Just as soon as I emerge from my carb coma.


What food is the star at your party?  

Tell me in the comments! I have three more gluten days to go and I might’ve missed something (it’s possible). 🙂