How to spin time into gold   You will need: your time snow a baby carrot chopped dates a few Tic Tacs and whatever else your heart may desire   1. Dig fingers into snow and let the fun begin! 2. Toss aside any pine needles, brown leaves, and the voice in your head questioning why you are spending precious time making a snowman on a weekday morning      3. Give your snowman a minty Tic Tac grin.     … Read more »

   Daughter’s high school graduation   The gluten-free weekend at Sugar Shack donuts   Road trips   Family vacation   Summer reading   Walks around the lake with my hub (and the geese)   Summer rain   Summer flowers   Walks along the James River   County Fair   Daughter gets her dorm key   Dorm room   Goodbyes (for now)   A summer cloud break   What has been a highlight for you this summer? Happy Monday!    … Read more »

  Idea adrenaline? I’m all in. Running while being chased by bulls adrenaline? Not so much. But when I got the opportunity to see this adrenaline junkie action up close and you-can-smell the-bulls personal, I didn’t hesitate. Because The Great Bull Run is another historical moment for Virginia. Apparently this was the first bull run in the United States (it’s right up there with the founding of Jamestown and the Civil War). And because, I was very curious about a bull… Read more »