Got milk? Ariella (a six year old Brown Swiss cow at Shelburne Farms in Vermont) does… …about eight gallons a day. This is a sheep, but she was a total ham. #smile Oh that moment, right before you leap. At Shelburne Farms they let you lead the chickens back to the coop. I could use some corralling when it comes to hanging out on the Internet. Someone takes their job seriously. This chicken probably never procrastinates. Back stage after the show.  On the… Read more »

George Ferris invented this wheel with the intention to “out-Eiffel Eiffel”   Deep fried everything…including Kool-Aid   Flying   Hot California Cheese! More frying.   “Now looka, I say looka here.” ~Foghorn Leghorn    More flying   Spelling her name the traditional way, Colleen the cow should have no trouble at Starbucks.    Spiders of the Corn (I know they’re in there)   Twiggs the giraffe. His carrots are not fried.   Kraziness   The winning pumpkin weighed 750 lbs (a diet… Read more »

    I kind of have a fascination for barns.     I’m not sure why I’m drawn to barns and farm stuff. I’ve lived in apartments, houses, in the burbs, the city, and on military housing bases… but never in a barn, or on a farm.     Although I’ve lodged for a night in a converted horse barn in Ireland.   Someone could use a sugar cube.   Maybe it’s because I occasionally shared a room with an… Read more »