Need a little Monday boost? Check out the new event at the winter Olympics: Slopestyle. Snowboarders + obstacle course = super cool flips and revolutions with names like The Holy Crail (ie 1620 Japan Air Mute Grab), the backside triple cork 1440 (three head-over-heels flips and four full revolutions), a cab double cork 900, or the switch stance backside 540. I feel energized just writing it all down.   Are you watching the Winter Olympics? What’s your favorite event? Happy Monday!        … Read more »

Wishing you a renewed sense of wonder     and hoping you enjoy the fruits of your labor   May your days be spent with those you love   and may those days be merry   and all that you dreamed      especially if all that you dreamed includes your teeth   and may your memories be good     Wishing you and yours joy and peace this holiday season! Happy Monday! **If you enjoyed this post, you can… Read more »

  I like to doodle. Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time editing fiction. It’s starting to feel like rearranging furniture and then putting it all back again. Tiring. Even a tad boring. After awhile, editing work makes me miss the freedom of writing a first draft. So I doodle, or do something else creative. It’s called creative cross training. For example, if you primarily work with words, try your hand at something visual, or musical.     Just… Read more »