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I’ve got a legendary post for you today. Mythological.

Superhero/Norse god, Thor, has arrived in Virginia.

AND I’m talking pie. Stack pies.

But first some background information. Thor is currently on a world tour, traveling all over North America and overseas, via author Debra Kristi. Be sure to check out the awesome adventures.

Now for Thor fun and pie.

Thor wish you were here_opt

 I took Thor to see the plant life at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

 Thor at Japanese garden_opt

butterfly on flower_opt

After the gardens it was time to go home and make legendary hero food.

STACK (or stacked) pie. All you really need to know is that it’s pie and then more pie, and so on.

 apple cranberry stack pie_opt

But, I did a little bit of research and learned that a stack pie has it’s roots in both the southern United States and Pennsylvania Dutch country.

If you like pie, then stacking them seems commonsense, but mostly it was done as an easy way to transport pies to gatherings, like a party or a barn raising.


Thor hammering pie dough_opt

Sometimes the pies are brought stacked. Sometimes they are stacked upon receipt.

 Each pie is as simple or elaborate as you want to make it. 

 Since this was an experiment for me, I made mini pies–one apple, the other a cranberry nut pie. 

Thor approved (I did not do extensive research on his likes and dislikes, but there is something called the apples of Idunn that may or may not be significant to his immortality).

 You can stack 2 or more pies. Make sure you have a sturdy pie dough. My crust protested the weight.

Also, I learned that frosting or caramel sauce can be used as “glue” between pies.

 I like the apple/cran combo, but other yummy combos could include lemon and blueberry, pecan and fudge, or peanut butter and chocolate.


What do you know about Thor and/or stack pies? What pie flavors would you combine?

Happy Monday!

Coleen xo


My cranberry nut pie recipe. This filling is for a regular pie crust, not deep dish. 

Cranberry nut pie
¼ cup brown sugar
¼ cup chopped walnuts
1 egg, beaten
½ cup sugar
½ cup flour
1/3 butter, melted
1 9” pie crust, unbaked
1.) Preheat oven to 325
2.) Layer cranberries on bottom of crust, sprinkle with brown sugar and nuts.
3.) Add other sugar to beaten egg, blend. Stir in flour and butter. Pour over cranberries and walnuts.
4.) Bake 45 minutes.

And if you’re gluten free like me, you can substitute your favorite GF crust and then use 1/2 cup of GF Bisquick in place of the regular flour. 

Also, I sometimes add fresh lemon zest to filling. 🙂


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44 thoughts on “Superhero Stuff: Stack Pie, Thor, and Pretty Flowers

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  2. Pat O'Dea Rosen

    Thor is a different man, er, action figure bit in your company, Coleen. Using stack pie as a bribe to get him to calm down was genius. I can’t believe you convinced him to enjoy the botanical gardens without attacking a single rose or butterfly.

    Your cranberry-walnut pie sounds luscious. Cranberries spell autumn to me, and I’m so ready for it.

    Your photo of the butterfly is stunning.

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      I realized I know very little about Thor, which may have actually helped. My ignorance probably astounded him and so he went along with my ideas. 🙂 Thanks, Pat!

  3. Catherine Johnson

    It’s a good job Thor has done a lot of exercise travelling around. What a nice treat! I have never heard of stacked pies before and they look so yummy. I’m going to pull my finger out and get pie making yum!

  4. Patricia Tilton

    I’m not familiar with the action figure Thor. And, never heard of stack pies. Since I love pie over cake. And, I love cranberry pies. Your recipe looks wonderful. Now, I’m hungry.

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      I wasn’t all that familiar with him either, Patricia. 🙂 Only what I’d read via Debra Kristi’s posts. But food is a good equalizer. Especially pie. If you enjoy cranberries, this recipe is pretty good–my husband’s favorite. I like that it retains a tartness along with the sweet.

  5. Debra Kristi

    That looks soooo yummy! Now I seriously need to work out with Thor. Just looking at it I think I gained a couple of pounds. 😀 You have me wishing I was handy in the kitchen. 😉

  6. Tameri Etherton

    Oh my yum! Those stacked pies look so delicious. Now I really, really, really want pie! And Thor. Yes, more Thor in my life wouldn’t be such a bad thing. He’s had such fun adventures on his world tour. I love the pictures from the botanical garden, those flowers are so pretty!

    I’m going to give your cran nut pie a go, I’ll let you know how it turns out. A baker, I am not. 🙂

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      Yes, let me know how it goes! I consider myself an unorthodox baker, I don’t treat baking as a science and am known for throwing pinches and handfuls vs. teaspoons and cups. 🙂

  7. 4amWriter

    Your pies look delectable! I have never heard of stacked pies, but what a great idea. We do it for cake (I’m thinking layer cakes) so why not pies? I think chocolate would go well with just about anything, but I’d try it with coconut immediately.

    How does Thor keep his figure with all that pie around?

  8. Kristy K. James

    Thor looks like he behaved himself while he was with you, though hitching a ride in the pocket of an overworked botanical gardens employee…for shame, Thor, for shame.

    Those pies look delicious! Are the crusts in the photos gluten free? If so, what dough or recipe did you use? I’m looking ahead to Thanksgiving because I WILL have pie. 🙂

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      So the crusts in the photos are not gluten free, but the fillings are GF. I didn’t feel like making a trip out to Whole Foods for my fave crust, but I did want to know if my cran nut pie could translate GF. The Bisquick worked great for the filling. And my favorite crust (so far) is frozen pie shells made by Whole Foods. I think they taste better than regular pie crust–or maybe it’s just been awhile since I’ve had real crust. LOL Thanks, Kristy!

      1. Name

        I sure wish there were Whole Food stores in my area. There are some over by Detroit, but I do not like driving in that part of the state, so I’ll just have to experiment at home. Pamela’s bread mix (of all things) seems very promising, and I need to try that sometime soon. Definitely going to need to come up with something for Thanksgiving. 🙂

        I may have to try your cran-nut pie. I love cranberries, and I love nuts. 🙂

  9. Inion N. Mathair

    I think I gained ten pounds just looking a the pic, Coleen. LOL. Loved the cranberry and nut pie. Yummy. Lemon and blueberry would’ve been my first pick, but a lime curd and red raspberry might be interesting to try. Or even perhaps a custard and dulce de leche for a richer palate. Oh, I could go on all day, but I fear a fridge raid coming on and that’s usually followed by hours of binging where I will slip into a food coma accompanied by a lot of shame and diet plans.

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      Okay, lime and red raspberry sounds SO YUMMY to me. I’m going to have to look for recipes! And I hear you about the fridge raids and shame. Been there. LOL

  10. Sheila Seabrook

    Great to hear about Thor again, Coleen. When he stopped at my house on his world tour, he didn’t mention that he could cook. 🙂

    The stacked pies look delicious. So what you’re saying is they’re stacked, then eaten that way? So a person gets double the pleasure…and serving? That’s my kind of pie!

  11. Chris Edgar

    It’s amazing that he can remain so stoic amid such moving natural beauty. I am grateful for the research you put into this piece and I am confident that it will inspire Joss Whedon to either write a pie-related scene into The Avengers 3 or do something on that Agents of Shield TV show.

  12. Karen McFarland

    Yes Coleen, ignorance is bliss. I think you handled the situation with Thor like a pro. The pie idea was genius. And it looks delicious also. Do you ship these stacked pies by chance Coleen? 🙂

  13. Phil

    Hulk Smash!

    Oops – wrong superhero!

    That Thor gets around, takes some amazing pictures, and sure knows how to bake an amazing pie!

    I’m all about berries and apple in my pies. Love them all.

  14. Name

    Wow. If Thor is the god of pie, then you are the goddess!! I’m not much of a pastry cook, so I’ll have to admire these from afar – the pies look absolutely delicious. Love your pics of Thor on locale, too. Much fun! 🙂

  15. Ruth Schiffmann

    I don’t know anything about about Thor, and I’ve never heard of stacked pies before. But what a great idea. This might be just the thing to please the whole crowd at Thanksgiving.

  16. clay

    Thor, there was a Thor in this post? I was completely distracted by the pie(s). That cranberry nut pie sounds like it sets off riots in your kitchen. I can only imagine what it smells like baking in the oven and cooling on the counter. Yum! Stacked sounds even better. Peach and tart cherry – especially fresh summer peaches and cherries from Northern Michigan served with vanilla ice cream. Mmmmmmm

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      You’re right, stacking them hides the imperfections! My pie crust always manage to look mangled. I messed up a store bought one last week simply by grabbing the edge the wrong way while pulling it out of the oven.

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