Today this blog post is sponsored by the letter “L.”

But first a big thank you to Myndi Shafer for this Lovely “L” prompt.  Be sure to hop on over to her site and take a look at the super cool cover of her upcoming debut SHRILUGH.

Now onto L.

Ten Things I Love that Begin with the Letter L.



ireland road _opt

 Now I know that LONG WALKS totally sounds like I’m starting a cheesy dating ad, but it’s not like I said ON THE BEACH.

Although I do enjoy a nice walk on the beach.  However, I don’t know anything about dating ads.

I actually found my husband via:



lambda chi alpha tattoo_opt

This is not MY tattoo, but I see it everyday.

 Fraternities were the old-fashioned way of dating.  Well the way it was done BEFORE the internet but sometime AFTER Pa Ingalls gave permission to Almanzo Wilder to court Laura.

At least in my experience.



Better Together couple

Lambda Chi + Love = 19 years of marriage (this week!)

 Way before we got married, before my now hubby told me he loved me, he joked around with the “Olive Juice” bit for a couple of days.   We laughed as he mouthed the words olive juice–which if you don’t already know, looks like you’re saying, I love you.

But then he got all super serious and actually said, I love you.  After all that joking, it was quite shocking.

And yea, awesome (if not fantastically cheese-tastic).



The Lennings have a song that is the number one played song on my current WIP’s (work in progress) playlist– 226 plays so far.  It’s a cover of You’re the One That I Want.  I know it originally from the Grease soundtrack –a movie I ADORED when I was 9 years old.  In fact I have a cassette of myself reading the entire screenplay out loud.  Now as interesting as that sounds, I give you the Lennings’ acoustic cover instead.

The Lennings ~ You’re the One That I Want





I’m a big fan of ladybugs.  They make me feel hopeful.



Sign me up for laughter ANYTIME.

coleen laughs resize_opt

Hearty laughter is a good way to jog internally without having to go outdoors.

~Norman Cousins



“Ah coffee. The sweet balm by which we shall accomplish today’s tasks.”

~ Holly Black, Ironside: A Modern Faery’s Tale

 latte art san juan_opt


 I love libraries. I’ve worked in them, I go through my local library’s drive thru at least once a week and I inhale deeply after I pull up and they slide back the window.  I even took a detour on a family road trip once to show my kids the library I used to hang out in when I lived in Indiana.

I feel like I’m related to libraries.




Why lemons?  Other than things like lemon bars and lemon meringue pie, lemons represent that oh so zesty point of view about transforming attitude.


“When life hands you lemonade, don’t try to make lemons”

― Vince Guthrie

And last, but not least:

10.  LIFE

“Life is short, Break the Rules.

Forgive quickly, Kiss SLOWLY.

Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably

And never regret ANYTHING

That makes you smile.”

― Mark Twain


Gotta love it.

What about you?  Any “L” things that you love?

I LOVE it when you comment!

And if you haven’t participated in this challenge yet or are just looking for a blog prompt, let me know in the comments that you want a letter. 🙂



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70 thoughts on “Love to the Tenth Degree

  1. Emily

    Happy Anniversary to the both of you! I love the Grease cover—Im going to have to add that to my music library! 🙂

  2. Julie Glover

    Libraries would definitely make my list! Which reminds me: I love LISTS. I make them all the time and feel a sense of deep pleasure when I add a checkmark to one.

  3. August McLaughlin

    Such cool letter love swirling around the blogosphere. Love this post, Coleen! And ‘love’ is probably my favorite L-word, along with life, liberty and lollipops for all. 😉

  4. Ron B.

    Hey, I closed my pretty blue eyes on purpose…I figured with all that jewelry and my exposed chest, the viewer just wouldn’t be able to handle any more of my awesomeness. 😉

  5. bethvogt

    Love the “L” prompt, Coleen. Am listening to the Lennings as I type this comment.
    And go ahead, give me a letter. I will find a word for my blog post on Friday that somehow uses it.


    Oh … and my favorite “L”?

    Laughter. Most definitely.

  6. Fabio Bueno

    This is fun, Coleen! I have one of those cheesy-but-oh-so-true framings of “Live, Laugh, Love” on the wall. That pretty much sums it up 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by for YAmondAY this week. Visitors loved your post!

  7. Patricia

    I love lightning bugs (or fireflys depending when you hail from), but I am not a huge fan of lightning. I like lizard skin boots but not so much lizards.

    Congratulations on 19 years of happiily ever after! May you have many more.

    I’ll be playing the game with “D” shortly.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  8. Sophia Chang

    I love coming to your blog cuz it’s always so positive!

    Mmmmmm I love all folk renditions of the Grease song – they always come out so melancholy. The Angus and Julia Stone one breaks my heart.

    And I live my life for love.

  9. Alarna Rose Gray

    Olive Juice. I can tell you enjoyed making us mouth those words 😉 But, true to your word, that was a Read. Smile. Repeat moment! ‘L’ words that I love…I’d have to go with Liquor – or Liqueur – I’m not particularly fussy 🙂

  10. Ginger Calem

    This is fabulous! Happy Anniversary. I can feel the love you have for your husband and how you simply embrace things in your life with love and joy. It’s very uplifting!

  11. Tameri Etherton

    Happy Anniversary!

    Love, love, love this list of lovely things. My daughter and I saw a movie once where they said, ‘Olive Juice’ to each other, so we started doing that. My son, not understanding why we said olive juice, but knowing it means we love each other, one day says to me, ‘Apple Juice!’. I about died laughing, it was so sweet. I think he was 4 or so. Since then, my daughter and I will say one or the other to each other. As for my son? He pretends he doesn’t know what we’re talking about. Boys!

  12. Karen McFarland

    Coleen, I have to say that your posts are always refreshing and upbeat! Girl, you’ve got this blogging thing down!

    I wish you the best of Anniversaries to both you and your “olive juice” husband! Very cute. Very special.

    Have you been taking walks in Ireland again Coleen? Can’t take Ireland out of the Irish girl. 🙂

    Love, loved, love your letter “L” post! You’re amazing!

  13. Kassandra Lamb

    L is such a Lovely Letter! I’d never heard of the ‘olive juice’ thing. I love it!!!

    Congrats on your anniversary, Coleen! I have one coming up also (I’ve written a post about it; should be up tomorrow or Monday). I was blessed with the letter S by Kathy Bowen, so I will have that post up soon as well.

    Still getting the hang of this blogging thing, and you and my other WANA buddies are my role models. You all rock!

  14. Stacy S. Jensen

    Laughter is always a winner. I laughed at the line about fraternities and now the Internet. I met my hubby through eHarmony.I had to try something different the second time around.

    1. Coleen Patrick

      I hear it over and over again how the internet is the successful way to date nowadays. The problem for me is I like the long walks thing, so my profile would be one to laugh at!! 🙂
      Thanks Stacy.

  15. BornBookish

    Great list! I also love ladybugs, libraries, and laughing. I’m adding that quote about laughter to my journal of favorite quotes =)

    Happy 19th Anniversary!!

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  17. Jess Witkins

    I love your list! You had me laughing with your Laura Ingalls Wilder comment. Nice!

    So happy libraries were on the list. That’s where you’ll find me on all my days off.

    Where was the LOVE picture taken? That’s so cute!

    1. Coleen Patrick

      We took the LOVE photo at a local festival. I think they move that “sign” all around Virginia as part of the VA tourism thing (ie Virginia is for Lovers).
      Thanks Jess!

  18. 4amWriter

    What a fun post! Congrats on your anniversary–19 years is fantastic. You chose some great l words, and I would have to say I agree with all of them (except for the frat one. I didn’t know any special Lambda brothers when I went to college).

    One of my fave L words is Lu (my daughter’s nickname).

    1. Coleen Patrick

      Thanks Kate! Lu is a super cute nickname. I guess I love nicknames in general as I tend to give them to my kids (and more than one) and even to my characters. 🙂 Wonder what that means??

  19. Susanna Leonard Hill

    L turned out to be a great prompt letter! You listed lots of things I love too… well, pretty much everything in fact 🙂 Ladybugs are my favorite members of the bug family. I love life, love, laughter and libraries loaded with lovely literature. That laughter quote was great! If I laugh for 10 minutes a day can I skip jogging? 🙂

  20. MJ Monaghan

    hose pictures are awesome. And I hadn’t heard the “olive juice” thing. That cracked me up.

    You picked some great L’s. Love libraries and love.

    I’ll add Ludacris (the rapper) just because for some odd reason it popped into my head, lantana, last minute – for procrastinators, lamps, Legos, and the tv show LOST (my favorite).

      1. Coleen Patrick

        I was momentarily confused at the hose thing, mentally shuffling my photos trying to remember if there was a hose in the background of one of them . . .
        I get the Ludacris thing–people just say I remind them of him. 🙂
        I considered putting LOST on my list. For the first 2 seasons it was my favorite tv show, but then I found myself getting mad, but unable to stop watching. Maybe that was intended. See? I’m still looking for clues.

        1. MJ Monaghan

          Hehe, good one, Coleen!

          I will never forget how cinematic the LOST pilot was. It may be one of the greatest first shows in television history. It was really groundbreaking and mysterious. I’ll admit it did wane a bit toward the end, but it still was fantastically quirky.

          Are you watching Alcatraz? That’s a pretty good show as well.

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