I’m in the middle of editing what feels like a wonky WIP and it’s making me a little crazy.

I started reading weird and random facts, like this oddity:

Hippo milk is pink.


Now I didn’t do much fact checking on this, but one Google and you will find A LOT on this nugget of information, along with a ton of other random facts.

Did you know that ants stretch in the morning ?


Or that a rhinoceros’ horn is made of compacted hair?


I hope human hair can’t do that.  I really should make more of an effort with my brush.  Maybe take a cue from the ants and stretch a little before tackling my hair, or something.

Then again, beauty might be a little overrated.

Did you know a scallop has blue eyes?
Pretty blue ones!


Scallops can have up to 100 of these pretty blue peepers, and yet they still can’t see that diver coming.

Here’s hoping I have better insight when it comes to fixing my WIP.


Serve the dinner backward, do anything-but for goodness sake, do something weird.

~Elsa Maxwell


What works for you when life gets wonky?


**If you haven’t heard yet, there’s an internet strike tomorrow.  You can do something.  For information check out these sites:













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23 thoughts on “For Goodness Sake, Do Something Weird

  1. Sheila Seabrook

    Too funny, Coleen. BTW, I love those little blue peepers. They remind me of pearls. 🙂

    When life gets wonky, I go somewhere I can be alone. A walk is always nice.

  2. Jennette Marie Powell

    “editing what feels like a wonky WIP…” I think I’ve been stuck in that area for months. Sometimes I have to take time off, too. I watch something strange on TV, like Beavis and Butthead, or Beyond Scared Straight. Random facts are always fun too! That’s what my daughter does whenever she doesn’t know what else to do (or dosn’t want to) – LOL! Hope your editing goes more smoothly soon!
    Jennette Marie Powell recently posted..My Town Monday: We’ve Come a Long, Long WayMy Profile

  3. Ginger Calem

    Love the post, Colleen. And thank you very much, I happen to love scallops and now I’ll be thinking of those 100 baby blues next time I eat them.

    I totally agree that ‘weird’ can give you a lift. It’s the fact that it’s out of the ordinary that makes it feel a bit rebellious.

    I applaud you for supporting the SOPA strike tomorrow as well. Solidarity!! 🙂

  4. Janelle Madigan

    Tea. I’ve come to the conclusion that most of our common, everyday problems–not the big ones, mind you, but the little annoyances–can be solved with a cup of tea. And maybe, when life gets especially wonky, dark chocolate. Nice, fun post!

  5. Robyn Campbell

    Love these facts. And when I ride one of my horses, all is right with the world. Internet strike?? I’m living under this huge rock. *sticks head out* The sun is so bright! *wink* But what is the strike?

  6. C. Lee McKenzie

    I may have to forego those scallops from now on. I had no idea they were so beautiful! As to pink hippo milk . . . I’ll pass. However, I might be tempted by woodpecker stew. Those lovelies are eating my house.

  7. Louise Behiel

    What a novel concept – doing something weird to change thigns up. I have to admit I’ve never tried this but it sounds good. I love the blue eyes. beautiful.

  8. emily

    Wow-What great weird facts! Now I am really going to rethink it the next time I am considering scallops for dinner. Creepy!

  9. Tameri Etherton

    That scallop is laughing at me, I can tell.

    Fun post and I certainly thank you for the giggle and the ewww. I’m a little freaked out about that hair thing and that hippo’s milk is pink. Like, does it taste like strawberry at least?

  10. Emily R. King

    I love random facts! I knew about the rhinoceros’ horns being made out of hair (antlers on deer and elk are the same), but not about the hippo milk being pink. Too cool.

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