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Mondays can be rough.  The early alarm, that not so easy transition from the weekend to the weekday and the fact that you just want a little more face time with your pillow.

Motivation can be slow to appear.  Unless someone forgot to put the garbage cans on the curb.  Then there’s the bounding out of bed at the noise from the sanitation truck rolling down the street.

But that’s a harsh start.  Especially since I wake to the sounds of ocean waves (my alarm, not the beach, but maybe someday) and my husband’s alarm is a harp.

We make an attempt at the Zen thing.


Well, this weekend I stumbled across a line of fun, colorful magnets from Rachelle Reichly’s company called Yay! Life!

The magnets cheer on an attitude of motivation and gratitude and it all started with a pie.  I’m sure a lot of great ideas started with pie, right?

I mean whose to say Benjamin Franklin didn’t eat a slice of mincemeat pie before heading out to discover electricity?

Pie!  Eureka!

Anyway Rachelle made a pie and when her husband saw it he said, “Yay. Pie.”  Inspiration struck (like Franklin’s lightning) and the couple thought:


“This is what life is all about – gratitude and enjoying life. Everyone has a YAY! THING! that is as unique as they are.”


And so now they sell Yay! magnets for most anything, from Alaska to Zombies.


book gratitude

And books–double Yay!


Each day offers us the gift of being a special occasion.

~Sarah Ban Breathnach 


For my Monday motivation, I’m starting with a Yay! Coffee! Iced, because it’s getting warmer outside.  Another Yay!


Add in a memory of a fun weekend: Yay! Mother’s Day!

And I’ve got my inspiration, my keyboard–Yay! Writing!


“Your idea of bliss is to wake up on a Monday morning knowing you haven’t a single engagement for the entire week. You are cradled in a white paper cocoon tied up with typewriter ribbon.”
~Edna Ferbe


Still tired?

Well, here’s a reason to get moving:

fear of the unknown alligator underwater _opt

Look closer.  Um, Yay! Boat?


Tell me, what is your Yay! thing for today?


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41 thoughts on “Everyone has a Yay! Thing

  1. Emma Burcart

    Oh, I so needed this today! At this point in the year, I am so ready for a vacation! I would have to say that my Yay! thing today is: Yay! Sun! as the weather is starting to get nicer. At least it’s not raining. It’s not often I can say that, here. I might need to get some of those magnets. And I definitely need to remember the little things that bring me joy. I can say Yay, coffee everyday!

  2. susielindau

    Yay! I saw both of my children yesterday, the sun is shining, I posted a blog and it is only 9 am!
    This is a great Monday morning story!

  3. Beth K. Vogt

    Yay! Your blog post!
    Seriously — I loved this. I smiled the whole way through — and then I got to the shark chasing the person in the kayak …

    Another Yay?
    Yay! Laughter of my family!
    Lots of that yesterday. Still enjoying the echoes.

  4. Tameri Etherton

    Hmmm, what’s my Yay! thing today? Well, Beth already claimed your blog, but I’m going to have to second her on Yay! your blog!

    Then I think I’m going to say Yay! gorgeous summer weather in May. We never know what May will bring… that’s why we call it May Gray because it’s almost always gloomy this time of year, but today is super sunny, around 70 degrees and I’m thinking I’ll enjoy a nice cup of Earl Grey (get it, grey/gray!) in the garden. Fall is my favorite time of year, but summer is a super close second. Yay! summer!

  5. Patricia Tilton

    What a fun and lovely blogged. Loved the photos of your kids. My YAY! for today is that I finished all my blogs for Military Month for May and some for the first week of June — am heading to my niece’s wedding in Florida (YAY!) and my brother has survived 7 weeks of intense chemo and radiation treatment for throat cancer (YAY). Have a lot to be grateful for right now.

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      Patricia–those are some very big Yays. I hope your brother continues to triumph and I wish him a speedy & complete recovery.
      And I have to say I am VERY impressed that you have your posts lined up thru June. Here I was struggling at 11pm last night to get just one written. You are an inspiration Patricia!
      Enjoy the wedding 🙂

  6. Lynn Kelley

    Hahaha! You’re too darn clever, Coleen, coming up with the title for this post! I love how you saved that twist for the end. Love it! Your kids are so cute. They look like a couple of sweethearts. I have to agree on the Yay! for coffee. After sitting in the hot sun at the Dodger game yesterday and getting home late, it took three cups to get going. Good thing Punkin is being extra good today! Yay!

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      Thanks Lynn! Yes coffee is a Yay! everyday–I start thinking about it before I even fall asleep at night. I look forward to it 🙂
      And I second your Yay! on Punkin–that always makes for a good day!

  7. Kristy K. James...Living, Loving, Laughing

    Looking at your pictures all I can say is…”YAY! I don’t like the ocean!” (except to look at it from the beach) LOL…I get a picture in my head of a video on fast forward, paddling like a propeller blade.

    But seriously…Yay to Yay days…EVERY day! 🙂

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      My husband loves that candy too–and they were my 12 yr old nephew’s request for his birthday! I got him the giant bag from the warehouse club 🙂 They are delicious!

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