COLEEN’S ETSY SHOPI love story. In a doodle. A photo. A book. A movie.

In real life, though story can be a crazy, zig zagging adventure. Over the years I’ve worked in libraries (I love the smell of books and paper!), fast food, retail, home improvement, cosmetics, and publishing. And then a funny thing happened on the way to finishing a book series with a main character who loves to doodle—I started drawing.

And I love it. Drawing is another way I get to tell a story. To share a feeling, a smile.

And it’s super cool to share those smiles here, with you as you continue the story via happy mail. It’s like forwarding smiles. Yay!

All of my designs are hand drawn with a pencil and then ink. I scan and add color digitally. Then I print on 100% recycled card stock (because I like to make the earth smile too).

I hope you find something happy here to be a part of your stories.

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