At the start of last year, blogging and social media were not on my to-do list, let alone part of any resolution, but they were something I imagined I would do someday. You know, someday, the indefinite future. As in someday I will travel to Italy and Greece, or someday I will use that trapeze school gift card (yes, I really have one of these). Or maybe someday is dusting that stupid cobweb at the top of the… Read more »

Happy Friday! I am guest posting over at author S.J. Driscoll’s blog. She writes speculative fiction and romance and I am flattered she wanted to feature one of my posts. Check out her site here. Have a great weekend.

“I’m lucky so many things annoy me, because if they didn’t I’d hardly have anything at all to talk about Sunday nights.” So said Andy Rooney, referring to his essays at the end of 60 Minutes where he ranted on such ordinary subjects as paperweights, chocolate chip cookies and even Michael Jackson lyrics. It was a segment that worked for him for decades, probably because the subject of complaining is relatable–we all get annoyed at something at some point.  I… Read more »