Today I’m over at 4amwriter. The lovely (and disciplined) Kate didn’t make me get up at 4 am, but she did ask me some very interesting questions. Fun stuff like what I’d do if I lived in a world where I made all the rules for writers (and everyone must obey). The following photos represent some of my answers. Pop on over to Kate’s to see the questions. ūüôā   Did you know that there are American Crocodiles in the… Read more »

Today I’m over at Julie Glover’s blog¬†Threading the Labyrinth. ¬†Julie writes ¬†mysteries and YA fiction. ¬†She blogs about the wonders of language (Amazing Words Wednesday) and fun pop culture stuff on Deep-Fried Fridays. ¬†Julie is just awesome! Today we are talking about movies that define a generation, starting with the 80’s. ¬†Come on over!! ūüôā   ¬† Happy Friday!! ¬†**If you enjoyed this post, you can subscribe to my mailing list to receive my new posts straight to your inbox…. Read more »