Hey all! Just popping in to wish you a Happy Halloween… As is my tradition (um, starting today), I’m going with the something cute and something scary Halloween greeting Although I imagine seeing my post in your inbox probably startled you. But had to be done, because I miss you guys! Anyway here’s something cute Pencil, ink, gouache, digital color, and English breakfast tea (for me, not the art)  Okay now brace yourself next up, something super chilling a practical crime… Read more »

In general, I’m not afraid of dolls. But they do have the potential to be super creepy. I loved (but also kinda hated) this book in middle school. And a recent trip to the flea market reminded me that I wouldn’t want to spend the night in a flea market. She’s for sale! I dare you to take her home. Now she looks sweet. Still not having a slumber party here though. Sure she’s smiling but all I can hear is… Read more »