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To wallow or not to wallow.

That was the question for me this weekend.

I was so tired, layering insomnia on top of life’s usual frustrations.

Let me just say that I do not wear exhaustion well.

I was crabby, and crabby is not a good color for me.

And I kind of wanted to do nothing. Not even fun stuff like going to a food festival. In fact, simmering in my setbacks sounded like the best plan.

I mean I’ve spent my fair share of moments curled up in a wallow. Wallowing has its place, right? I’m pretty sure it’s responsible for the invention of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

But then I thought of dog poo (sorry if this ruins Chunky Monkey ice cream for you).

If you step in dog poo, are you going to stop and stare at the mess on your shoes all day?

Well, no. At least that was what I thought. I think. I was SO tired. But I figured I could at least try some fun…then maybe get some work done.

Of course, fun was kind of awesome. Moving forward got me out of the fog. At least enough to see the stuff that reminds me to keep on keeping on.


gratitude quote farm bus rva

Quote on the side of the Farm Bus at Broad Appetit Festival

mobile farmer's market

  comfort rva

 There isn’t just one way to comfort.


food festival broad appetit rva

Wake up taste buds with cucumber & heirloom tomato gazpacho with roasted fennel and basil salsa!


broad appetit rva

and spicy Thai iced tea


art 180 rva

 And hello, the Wheel of Kindness!!


art 180 kindness rva

spin the wheel of kindness rva

Turns out, there’s always an opportunity to spin the wheel of kindness. 🙂


art 180 kindness rva

I got to give (and get) a hug.


animal shelter rva

And seeing the dog adoptions always reminds me that there are others in need of rescue.

One of these days I hope it will be me adopting a dog!


broad appetit food festival rva

Here’s a sign. Summer reading, totally something to look forward to.


food festival lifts mood

Okay, okay. I get the message.

It’s nice to discover what you can see, if you let yourself.


bob marley inspirational quote


What are your thoughts on wallowing? How do you bust a funk? 

Hope you have a HAPPY week,

happy shiny bloggers

Check out Catherine Johnson’s FUN poetry. She’s got a way with words!!



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64 thoughts on “Busting a Wallow and Spinning the Wheel of Kindness

  1. Catherine

    Such a philosophical post, Coleen. I know what you mean about tiredness putting you off even the funnest things. I actually prefer normal days to special days, so have a fun day today on this normal Monday. Love those pics! And thanks so much for the shout out.

  2. Julie Glover

    I loved this, Coleen! I had a really big terd day last week, if you know what I mean. A friend called to go out somewhere, and I said, “I don’t think so. I’m such bad company right now.” She coaxed me out, we ended up having a lovely lunch, I managed to get some writing done that day that I was expecting to blow off, and we ran into her daughter at a place that none of us had ever been before (a sweet surprise from life!). Just making the decision to get out there and experience something good changed my whole mood.

    That festival looks lovely! I adore the Wheel of Kindness. I think I need to spin that every single day.

  3. Patricia Tilton

    Sometimes I do what you do during a funk, and just go get involved. But, other times I just walk, or do something for someone else or just pick up a book and take care of myself.

  4. Julia

    Thank you! I love this post. Might put that Will Rogers quote on my fridge. Gosh, it’s Monday and there are all these blah blah things on the to-do list. Then here comes this nice reminder to get out of my head. Perfect timing. I’m tempted to send that picture about being grateful for what you have because it was all given to you, to a bootstrap kinda person friend who got huffy when I suggested that some of his wealth may have come to him because of at least some of his circumstances. That would be kinda crinky though. Not in the spirit. OK, I won’t. Cheers!

  5. Beth K.Vogt

    You put a huge smile on my face this morning, Coleen. I just may make my own version of a Wheel of Kindness … love that idea. And we adopted our dog, Jo the Adorable Puppy, from an adoption fair. She has brought much joy and laughter into our home.
    When it comes to wallowing, sometimes I wallow. Yeah, I admit it. And sometimes I rest because, well, that’s what is needed. But next time, next time, I’m going out and looking for signs!

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      Happy for the smiles. And I’m SO looking forward to the time when I can rescue a dog–or maybe I should say a dog rescuing me?? 🙂

  6. Kathryn Treat

    Colleen – I love your post on wallowing. Sometimes, I find myself just wanting to go prop myself up in bed and read the day away. To get out of wallowing, I try to crank up the radio and do something fun. I love the quote about planting seeds.

  7. K.B. Owen

    I thought that W. Broad St sign looked familiar! Many a time I’ve driven that road, dropping off my son to VCU. What coolness! I’ll have to ask him if he saw any of that festival – he’s only a block or so from there!

    So glad you got out of your funk. Watching hummers in the summertime does it for me. One just stopped at the feeder by my window just now.

    Have a great week!

  8. Laurel Garver

    My biggest funk busters are getting some fresh air and pet therapy (esp. playing with the kitten). In my deepest funks, even reading and movies don’t help.

    Getting to a place of offering kindness sometimes means a little self-feeding first. But I sure love the “wheel of kindness” idea.

  9. Kassandra Lamb

    Love this! Stole the Will Rogers’ quote. (but I put your post url up when I tweeted it).

    Chocolate and doing something fun are usually my best antidotes to a funk. Glad you got out there and saw all those wonderful signs (and you are such an awesome photographer, btw!)
    Kassandra Lamb recently posted..MARYLAND, MY MARYLAND!My Profile

  10. Emily R. King

    I applaud you for getting out and changing your mood. When I’m wallowing, I don’t go anywhere…which is probably why it can last awhile sometimes. Next time I’m going to get out and find ways to forget about myself and focus on someone else!

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      Thanks, Emily. It can be so hard to figure out when you NEED to wallow and when you don’t. I don’t think I’ve got it figured out just yet. 🙂

  11. Phil

    I think now and then we all have a “wallowing session” including us guys. It’s easy to get down and out, especially with work, bill, family problems etc. I have been in one lately but just busted out by heading back to the gym with a specific goal in mind. A competition that I will be gearing up for.

    Nice post and I love those street fairs. We have them here in NYC all summer.
    Phil recently posted..Spam Spam Spam Spam. Spammity Spam!My Profile

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      Yup, wallowing is universal. I didn’t think of competition, but that can really be a rut buster.
      And I LOVED the last street fair we went to in NYC. Awesome.

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      Thank you, Jennette! We both have graduating seniors,right? I’ve been thinking of you as the end of the year approaches too. Sniff, sniff. Pass the tissues!!

  12. Lauri Meyers

    I’m just going to have to make my own wheel of kindness in complimentary colors to match the living room. Or maybe a purse-sized one. Is there an app for that? That’s got to be one of the best ways to exit funk-ytown.

  13. Patricia

    Well how timely is this message? I wallowed last night. But, in my own defense, I kind of deserved it. You see I had visitors all weekend in the form of 4 college graduates who lazed around and had me wait on them. Yes, that’s right. I fixed several meals for 4 adults guests, myself and my husband and not one single person offered to help in any way. I cooked. I cleaned. I cooked. I cleaned. I was a little ticked off. My momma would have paddled my butt if I was a guest in someone else’s home and didn’t offer to help with the chores. But these kids were not raised by a member of my family. They are my husband’s family (mine through marriage only) and therefore have no manners.

    And they were loud, obnoxious and annoying most of the time. (I must be getting old.) Very immature for grown people.

    Suffice it to say, the kids left for home around 3:30 yesterday and my husband left for work about an hour later. Me in my jammies and the dog sat in a quiet, dark living room and stared into space for about 20 minutes. It was me wallowing and enjoying the peace and quiet.

    So, how did I get out of this funk? Alcohol and a good book. I’m all better today.

    Thanks for the post and I’m glad you’re back on the road to chipper.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt
    Patricia recently posted..Harmless Lethal WeaponsMy Profile

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      You deserved that drink and book, Patricia! As my mom would say, “What nerve!” I once had a house guest that left piles of dirty diapers in the room,instead of taking them to the trash. Ugh. The smell. Still the smell didn’t clue them in! 🙂

  14. Name

    Great post, Coleen. I hope you totally and thoroughly busted your funk and are feeling better! What great pictures, and how well you were able to capture your point! My funk-busters? A long walk with the dogs (they never judge! :)) Watching an episode of Friends or a favorite movie – it’s hard to stay funked after My Cousin Vinny 🙂 The good corner of the couch, a cup of tea, and a good book 🙂

  15. Karen McFarland

    Coleen, I so know how you were feeling last weekend. I didn’t want to go and do anything either. But isn’t it funny how when we push ourselves out the door into that beautiful day, we pop out of the funk we feel and end up enjoying ourselves! We gain energy around our element! Again, an inspiring post. Thanks girl! 🙂

  16. Alarna Rose Gray

    You caught me in a major funk this week, Coleen! I’m not sure how you knew that 😉 I’m all for a good wallow myself, but there comes a time when you do need to claw your way out of it. True Blood has been doing it for me… nothing like a good glamour fantasy (and Pam the Barbie Vamp!) 😀
    Alarna Rose Gray recently posted..Susie StrongMy Profile

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      You know, I’ve never seen True Blood. Maybe that will be my next TV binge. First I have to finish my attempt to go through all the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. 🙂 I saw my first episode last month and instantly got hooked!

  17. 4amWriter

    How interesting that you were wallowing and then you see all of those positive signs! I think your decision to not wallow anymore led you to a path of happy reminders and positive thoughts. Your effort was rewarded. 🙂 Hope your week continues on an upswing.

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      I was completely surprised by that wheel. Made me smile instantly and my need to wallow disappeared. Doesn’t always work that way, but I’ll take it when it does. :)Thanks, Kate!

  18. Pat O'Dea Rosen

    I’ve wallowed and told myself I enjoyed–and deserved– every minute, but really and truly, I’d rather eat gazpacho, visit an animal adoption center, people-watch, and spin the kindness wheel. Thanks for letting me see what I miss when I don’t put myself out there.
    By the way, it sounds as if you had a super time at the festival.

    Sorry about the insomnia. That stinks.

  19. mariasmith4u@sky.com

    I get very tired too, and eventually I get so low on energy i think it starts to make you feel overwhelmed.

    I’ve just gone through this scenario, and ended up having to take two days for myself. I felt so unwell, I just had to rest and recover. That t-shirt made me smile, happiness is a choice, and its so true! Staying positive is the forward. Even when you think stuff is bad, you can rise above it and see the good.

    1. c

      Overwhelmed. Yeah, for sure. And then of course that doesn’t help to beat the insomnia either.
      I need to figure out the balance i think. Thanks, maria!

  20. Debra Kristi

    I love this, Coleen. What I needed to read right now. So far my week has kind of sucked. It’s been really tough lately and I really need to remember this message. It’s really wiping me out. Maybe if I push a little harder I’ll find that second wind.

  21. clay

    It is easy to wallow or drift, occasionally. like the post and the pictures. We plant seeds all the time but sometimes we don’t realize it. Keep plugging ahead. The wheel of kindness reminded me of a book I just read – Wonder by RJ Palacio and kindness is a theme. It’s an easy read and uplifting enough to provide a breeze t get you moving. Take care and a breeze is a comin’
    clay recently posted..Last dayMy Profile

  22. Renee Schuls-Jacobson

    Colleen: I have to admit it, I’ve been wallowing for a few days. At least you have sunshine in your area. Where I am, it’s been raining nonstop for two days. And the gray skies are not helping my mood. Yeah, yeah: it makes the flowers grow and yadda yadda yada. I’m definitely in a funk and I could use some comfort. Or some Thai tea. Or a puppy-hug. Thank you for the reminder that joy is just around the corner. 🙂
    Renee Schuls-Jacobson recently posted..Ever Jump Out at Someone and Say ‘Baf’?My Profile

  23. donofalltrades

    The wife and I are always so down and exhausted after working all week and dealing with the three spawns that god sought in his wisdom to bless us with, that it’s a chore for me to leave the house on the weekends. Inevitably, though, the wife will coax me out and we’ll all end up having a great time at a Six Flags or the park or wherever. I’ll insist that we should do more fun stuff together all the time, but then by the next weekend I’ll be in my funk again and we won’t do anything for a couple of weekends, and of course I’ll have fun and it sort of goes on like that…

    1. Coleen Patrick

      I get that. I have to admit I probably chose wallow more often when my kids were younger. Not easy! But you are right, more often than not, a good time is had by all. Thanks, Don.

  24. Kristy K. James

    Glad you were able to bust the wallow. A festival looks like a great way to do it, too. How do I pull myself out of a funk? I usually find that slapping an annoying person upside the head so hard that it makes their teeth rattle is a GREAT way to cheer me up. All right, all right. So I’ve never actually done that, but sometimes when I’m in a foul or depressed kind of mood, just thinking about it can cheer me up. Outside of that, I usually just put on some favorite music and decide I’m done with feeling bad. I’ve tried to live by the ‘happiness is a choice’ philosophy since the first time I heard the phrase. And I’ve found it to be true almost 100% of the time. In the same way you can make a bad day worse by your thoughts, you can turn it around and make it better.

    Of course, the insomnia monster can make that a little tougher to do sometimes, and he’s been my best bud for almost five years now. And I know it’s a ‘he’ because only a male could frustrate me as much as the lack of sleep does. But even so, what are you going to do? Let it control your life? Or take control and enjoy it anyway? 🙂

    1. Coleen Patrick

      You made me laugh out loud with the slapping of an annoying person advice! Insomnia can make me slap happy in many ways.
      Funny you should say insomnia is a HE, because whenever I eat while up at 3am I fall asleep faster. So what they say about a way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach is kind of true. Wow how’s that for some TIRED logic? 🙂

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  26. Ruth Schiffmann

    With so much wallowing experience, it shouldn’t take nearly as long as it does to break out of it. Seems I must always give in to it for a bit before mustering the energy to climb out of it. Glad you got out and had fun, Coleen. And I love, love, love the wheel of kindness =D
    Ruth Schiffmann recently posted..NYC/BEA RecapMy Profile

  27. Eden Mabee

    Colleen! Thank you!

    ( was starting to feel a bit of a funk like that this morning… tired, drained. This post was exactly what I needed. Happiness is, indeed, a choice.

    And the pictures are a LOT of fun.

    (going off now to make my own Wheel of Kindness… or maybe I should have my husband help me make a virtual one that we could share?)
    Eden Mabee recently posted..Friday Photo — Old HistoryMy Profile

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