I love books.

So when I heard that Beth Revis, an author and blogger with an indomitable spirit is offering up a mega(lodon) giveaway of books, she reeled me in.

The catch is that those 19 exciting (and signed!) books are located in a waterproof case submerged underwater at the 14th tee at the Carbrook Golf Club in Brisbane, Australia.

Okay so the books aren’t really there, but this video is proof that I have been smart to avoid all bodies of water–sharks can be anywhere.  Now I know why golfers call that a water hazard.

Which is why we’re gonna need a bigger book.

And that’s really all Beth wants–for us to blog about the books that had a huge presence in our lives, the ones we are most thankful for.  So here’s one of mine (because like potato chips, you can’t just have one):

I love Little Women and read it several times when I was younger.  I can’t pinpoint exactly why I liked it so much, maybe it was the whole sister thing (I have two of my own).  Or maybe it was because I could see a bit of myself in all of the March women.

Which is why I am excited over Lauren Baratz-Logsted‘s new book coming out next week:


Emily gets transported into the 1860s world of the March family.

Magic, time travel and no sharks on the English plains.

But if you’re now longing for a book featuring  a shark, then here’s a safe one:

Happy reading and remember: steer clear of golf course ponds–they’re not all just filled with golf balls.

**Congrats to M.G. Miller for winning last week’s giveaway**

What books are you grateful for?

12 thoughts on “Book Shark

  1. Susanna Hill

    I LOVED Little Women. I went around calling myself Jo for ages 🙂 and decreed that I would name my first-born daughter Josephine (I didn’t… :)) I hadn’t heard about Little Women and Me – it sounds terrific and I’m so glad you mentioned it! Definitely going on my TBR list, which at this point is taking well into the next decade 🙂 As for shark books that aren’t too scary, I love Shark vs Train!

  2. Catherine Johnson

    Brilliant video, I thought for sure the shark would get that guy. Can’t believe he sat that close. Reminds me of my hubby’s story golfing in Aus when his friend’s ball went in the ruff and a huge kangaroo was stood behind him. They are harmless unprovoked but all the guys egged him on that he couldn’t move an inch – hilarious.

    I read Little Women when I was younger, both those books look fab!

  3. Stacy Jensen

    I’m fearful of sharks. I don’t even want to read the Picture Book kind. The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley. It was a favorite library book when I was a kid. It struck me one day in my 30s that I should look it up. I have a copy on my bookshelf.

  4. Abby Fowers

    Oh my gosh! I am freaking out about that shark! That is so freaky. I don’t do shark infested waters. Not at all.

    I do love this blogfest tho! And I think that would be a safe place to hide them! 🙂 Good book choices to share. 🙂

  5. August McLaughlin

    My grateful-for books list would have to include A CRY IN THE NIGHT, by Mary Higgins Clark, which introduced me to the world of adult suspense…THE PROPHET, by Kahlil Gabran, which taught me about my parents & love and THE GIFT OF FEAR, by Gavin DeBecker, which taught me to trust my instincts and potentially save my life. (A must-read for all women.)

    Thanks for the fabulous post, Coleen!

  6. Debra Kristi

    What a great post, and a great idea! If it weren’t so far away I could probably get my husband to dive in there for me. LOL He has already been diving with the sharks. Yep, crazy! Gosh, I don’t even know which title to throw out there. ????

  7. M.G. Miller

    When I was younger (and very stupid) I entered Discovery’s shark week contest. Winner got to go down in a cage off the Barrier Reef while they lured in the Great Whites. Thought that would be a great thing to face the fear that ‘Jaws’ instilled in me back in the day. I didn’t win, though, which, in retrospect, was probably for the best.

    Two books were life-changers for me: ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ and ‘Lonesome Dove’. And I don’t even like westerns.

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